Volunteers help us keep camp costs down and the day running effectively for everyone who attends. Volunteers also get special benefits. Anyone who volunteers gets to attend one of the morning classes for free and qualifies for a special merit badge!

Or email the Camp Counselors, and tell us how you want to help!  Here are some of the things that need doing:

  • In Advance:
    • Write for or edit the newsletter
    • Help announce and publicize to analytic crowds, groups, technical talks
    • Tweet about the event (#TCCAMP)
    • Announce to techcomm contacts at your company or in your network
    • Add the event web page to your email signature:
      “Join me at TC Camp!
    • Suggest ideas for session topics in the comments on the event page
  • Early morning or day before:
    • Put up maps of complex and signs at the facility
  • Day of the Event:
    • Help setup coffee
    • Help with registration – check-in, name tags, gather emails
    • Help support the sponsors as requested
    • Distribute food and beverages when delivery arrives, resupply, keep neet
    • Act as gofer: many last minute things come up, go-fer this, then go-fer that
    • Session matrix:
      • record the matrix of session titles per time slot and room on the website
      • Post to blog, email to organizers
      • Print the session matrix
      • Distribute session matrix around the session rooms
      • Take notes during sessions, add to the blog
      • Encourage others to cover sessions, try and get all covered
    • Tweet!
    • Session timing:
      • Help with timing of 50 minute sessions, giving a 5 minute and 2 minute announcements
    • Bring and operate video equipment (optional)
  • After the Event (same day):
    • Help clean up food areas
    • Collect feedback on improving the event in the future
    • Pick up event specific signs
  • After the Event (later):
    • tweet!
    • blog: add to your blog or our blog, post links
    • Help announce and publicize to tech comm crowds