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TC Camp

TC Camp is 501(c)(3) Public Charity. In 2014, the team at Single-Sourcing Solutions decided to move TC Camp out from under their umbrella and into its own non-profit entity. The board and the community felt becoming an independent non-profit was the key to bringing TC Camp into its own as a real organization with the goal of taking TC Camp on the road to techcomm communities everywhere.

How TC Camp Got Started

TC Camp was inspired by the amazingly successful Data Mining Camp, put on by the San Francisco Bay ACM. One day, Liz Fraley at Single-Sourcing Solutions thought it was worth the experiment to bring the unconference format to technical communications professionals. It’s not really surprising, Liz and Single-Sourcing Solutions provide an extreme amount of community resources and, in fact, finds dedication to communities part of their corporate responsibility.

She had been thinking about how it was going to be possible to pull off an event like an unconference while keeping it accessible (and at a low cost) and still providing a good value to attendees. It wasn’t until the ACM had their Hackathon at the Silicon Valley Cloud Center that everything came together for that first TC Camp event. With a venue in hand, Liz contacted a wide-variety of top-notch speakers to created a fantastic agenda that had mixture of valuable content: a flexible unconference and high-value workshops. This way attendees would get quality training opportunities as well as be inspired for complex discussions in the afternoon.

That first year the event was successful that everyone who attended asked when they were going to hold the next one. (And everyone who wasn’t local asked when we were going to take it on the road!). The toughest critics in the Bay Area have said it was the best thing to happen to techcomm in a decade.

Board of Directors

Scott Prentice, CEO

Scott PrenticeSpecialist in online documentation development and efficient publishing processes. 25+ years as a technical publications application developer and technical writer of user and developer documentation. Extensive design experience gives me the ability to creatively solve unique problems on short notice. Specialties include custom web application development, online document interface design, and authoring productivity enhancements. Adept at creating innovative solutions that facilitate content localization into many languages. Specialties: FrameMaker plugin and structure application development, DITA development, FrameMaker to DITA conversions, EPUB development and conversions

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Liz Fraley, Treasurer

Liz FraleyHer team says that she builds clubhouses. She is perpetually trying to find new ways to share information and strengthen the ecosystem of professionals around me. She’s been a volunteer/officer for the Association for Computing Machinery at one chapter or another since 1998. She’s volunteered for Society of Women Engineers at various events over the years. She started the Arbortext PTC/User group and continue to donate resources and logistics to help it flourish. She started TC Camp. Her dedication to growing the community is so strong that it’s carried over into the way Single-Sourcing Solutions does business. Each one of her team members is active in one or more on-line user communities and it is expected that each one devote a portion of their on-the-job time to helping people find answers to problems. She’ll tell you, “I’m a gardener: I’m happiest when those around me are flourishing.”

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Janice Summers, Secretary

janiceJanice is one of the original TC Camp creators. As part of Single-Sourcing Solutions, Janice was there at TC Camp’s inception. She’s contributed in so many ways, it’s impossible to name them all. Perhaps she’s best known for her contributions along the lines of Creative Director, like writing skits, set design, writing newsletter articles, general flow and the little touches that tie the theme together . If you ask her, she’ll say she is responsible for “Keeping the Campy in Camp”.


Cherie Woodward, Director of Operations for TC Camp West

cherie1Cherie is an avid learner of new technologies. She enjoys delving into new fields and using new tools. She’s a seasoned user-advocate who provides valued input on user interfaces. She has coauthored several style guides and is a template specialist. She is never in a funk and is a self-starter. The word “bored” is not in her vocabulary. She has a knack for winning the respect of even the most difficult personalities, which is a great asset for training and when it is necessary to extract important info from harried engineers. She was the TC Camp 2015 director and now runs TC Camp West.

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Viqui Dill, Director of Operations for TC Camp East

Viqui Dill is the STC Washington, DC – Metro Baltimore Chapter’s Social Media manager and uses various social media channels to spread good news about Technical Communications in our area. She is also co-manager of the STC Instructional Design and Learning special interest group and produces monthly webinars to help practitioners stay sharp. She has a paid gig as the Technical Communication Leader at American Woodmark in Winchester, VA. In her free time, Viqui plays bass in several bands including Hot Flash, a band of mothers who rock out in clubs throughout the DC area. Viqui and her husband Keith have a bluegrass band called the Dill Pickers and are sometimes joined on drums by their son Jim. The Dills have been married for 30 years and live on five acres just outside Winchester, VA. Viqui describes herself as “Technical writer, wife and mom, bass player, worship leader, I’m happiest when folks sing along with me.”

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Li-At Rathbun, Director of Communications


June Harton, Director of Publicity for TC Camp West

Experienced technical writer who has created documentation and content in a broad range of highly technical fields. Specialties include: Online help, structured authoring in DITA XML, single-sourcing, multi-channel publishing, topic-based authoring, information architecture and design, minimalistic writing, collaborative writing, content management systems (CMS), keeping abreast of trends, detail and accuracy.

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