Session Matrix – Saturday 24 January 2015

Morning Workshops

Any slides, pictures, video, links, and scribe notes are on the individual workshop pages. Sessions are listed in order of discussion table order.

Unconference Sessions

Session #1 Matrix – Scribe Notes

  1. Documenting APIs
  2. Scripting FrameMaker
  3. Keeping up with industry trends
  4. HTML5
  5. Metadata and categorization strategies
  6. Job search techniques, leveraging LinkedIn, recruiters, portfolios

Session #2 Matrix – Scribe Notes

  1. Improving search
  2. Role of Information Architect
  3. Writers and product usability
  4. Wrangling difficult personalities
  5. Reuse strategies
  6. Doc workflows based on Markdown and Git

Session #3 Matrix – Scribe Notes

  1. Generating PDF from DITA
  2. Teaching topic-oriented writing
  3. Mobile documentation
  4. Document review process
  5. Style Guides
  6. TC in an Agile envionment

Session Matrix – Saturday 25 January 2014

Session #1

  • How to use video  effectively in TC
  • HTML 5
  • Reusing content  with tech pubs, training, marketing support and other organizations
  • Strategies for using Bookmaps and maps in DITA
  • Deep Dive into Adobe TechComm Suite5
  • Writing/formatting best practices

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Session #2

  • Visual presentations – writing content that isn’t text
  • Going Mobile
  • Technical editing fundamentals
  • Thinking like a librarian
  • Controlling/harnessing MS Word in the move to XML
  • Content vs. Documents

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Session #3

  • Jobs/job search: How to break into a new industry; portfolios and how to construct them
  • Deciding what goes into a doc or mobile version of an enterprise software app
  • Documenting APIs
  • Metadata and categorization strategies
  • Taking your content strategy to rest of org
  • Improving search

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Session #4

  • Leveraging LinkedIn
  • Content architecture and design
  • Document review process
  • DITA vs. Docbook
  • TC and Agile
  • Writers and product usability

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Session Matrix – Saturday 26 January 2013

Here’s the Session Matrix for the TC Camp held on 26 Jan 2013.

Scribes from several sessions sent in their notes for posting, in addition to sharing what they learned in the general Summary Session at the end of the day. Check the summary pages:

  • Session 1 (2pm):
    • New Features in FrameMaker
    • Document Review Process
    • Reusing Content
    • Getting Noticed on LinkedIn
    • Documenting APIs
  • Session 2 (3pm)
    • Challenges of using standards
    • Working with offshore vendors
    • teaching topic-based writing
    • Forms- and wizard-based authoring
    • Visual presentations
  • Session 3 (4pm)
    • help structure and navigation for web help
    • Agile
    • Wrangling difficult personalities
    • Mobile
    • Basic competencies

For workshop slides and notes, check your individual workshop page: