You choose the topics

Sessions are decided by the camp participants on the day of the event!

TO GET THINGS STARTED… Here is a partial list of topics that could be proposed at the unconference (see how it works for details). This is just a short list of possible topics. It’s just to get you started thinking about ideas for sessions. There is no guarantee that these sessions will be discussed, unless they’re suggested and voted into the agenda.

  • Content for use on devices- going mobile, how, challenges, tools, mobile applications, cross-platform/multi-browser web output
  • Writing/formatting best practices
  • ebooks, epub, and drm
  • Content architecture and design  – how to organize, how to plan authoring in a distributed model
  • Keeping a handle on your reuse, reuse strategies, thinking like an architect
  • Introduction to data modeling, how to start thinking about reuse, FAQ
  • Introduction to single-sourcing for business leaders, product managers, marketers and profit center owners
  • Developing metrics to justify resources, projects, tools
  • Bring your project challenges to brainstorm on current projects with experts (discussion)
  • Bring your business problems and data for a “techcomm coopertition hackathon” (data analysis)
  • Challenges in vertical market X (medical/pharma, software, green tech, finance, manufacturing, retail, …)
  • Doctypes – DITA, Docbook, S1000D, MILSPEC, Custom doctypes, how to choose, when to specialize/customize, benefits and drawbacks
  • Working with other content consumers and producers
  • Improving search in technical content
  • Integrating SEO into web content
  • Managing content between multiple authoring sites
  • Working with outsourced teams, best practices, process improvement
  • Jobs, job search, how to break into a new industry, hot markets, looking outside the techdoc box
  • Portfolios – how to construct them, best practices, strategies for getting a wow
  • Localization – writing for it, publishing it, managing localized content, process engineering, best practices
  • Challenges and tools to automate publishing in multiple formats
  • Semantic Web
  • Technical editing fundamentals, using checklists, efficient editing best practices
  • Standards as they apply to the technical writing profession, process, and data items
  • Your favorite tools: FrameMaker, Arbortext, Author-It, XMetaL, SDL, Word, Sharepoint, RoboHelp, MadCap, wikis, etc.
  • Prepared demo — see below for details if you’re interested in showing a prepared demo


Topics may be prepared presentations or ad-hoc discussion topics. If you want to propose a computer presentation or demo and will need a projector, please coordinate in advance and/or bring a computer projector.


A special Unconference track with 5 and 20 minute speaking slots and runs alongside the regular Unconference sessions. Speaker selection is first-come, first-serve or chosen by lottery from all the entry submissions. Get up in front of your peers and try something new, share your expertise, and gain confidence as a speaker. Speakers are not strictly limited to traditional techcomm topics.


If you want to see the notes from sessions at Past Camps, look at the Session Matrixes from past years. Get an idea about what was discussed and what was learned. One of the best parts of an unconference is the summary wrap-up at the end of the day where everyone reports back: Not only do you learn from the sessions  you attended, but you get to learn what everyone else learned too!  We post the notes from each session after camp is over so they’re always here for your reference!