How It Works

“At traditional conferences, the most productive moments often occur in the corridor between meetings; at unconferences, attendees like to say, it’s all corridor.”  ~business 2.0 magazine

Here’s how it works…

Suggest a Topic

The conference agenda is created on the day of the event by the attendees during the general session first thing in the morning. Any registered attendee can suggest a topic by adding a title and description to the online database. You can also “pre-vote” on suggestions that have been provided by others. This pre-voting doesn’t replace the voting on the day of the event, but does influence the topics that will be available.

Suggest topics and vote!   (See examples)

Vote Topics into the Agenda

Those topics that are voted into the agenda are given a designated room and time slot. This is done by attaching the topic suggestion sheet to the Schedule Board. For TC Camp, there are 4 major time slots. Each time slot can accommodate up to 10 different discussions. Remember! Enough attendees must vote for the session for it to be included in the agenda |

Book the session

Before a session can be scheduled, two requirements must be met:

  • One attendee must volunteer to be the facilitator who lead the discussion. The facilitator need not be the same person who suggested the topic or the subject matter expert for the session.
  • One attendee must volunteer to be the note taker. The note taker is responsible for sharing what was discussed in the final session of the day. The note taker cannot be the same person as the facilitator.

Earn a Merit Badge

If you volunteer as a facilitator or note taker, you qualify for a TC Camp Merit Badge!


Once the agenda is set, find the sessions you want to go to and participate! TC Camp is a way to bring together people in the techcomm profession who have a shared interest or who want to work together on something. Unconferences aim to break the barrier between speaker and attendee — so everyone can contribute to the discussion.

Learn about unconferences

“People want the space to have critical conversations about key things they care about. This is what makes unconferences so powerful.”
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