Adobe Ambassador Workshop – TC Camp 2019

Adobe Workshop at TC Camp 2019

Tech Comm Survival Merit Badge Training

The dangers are everywhere, and frankly, it takes too much time and effort to fix those same disasters again and again.

Join Matt Sullivan for his 2-hour Ambassador workshop where he’ll show you how to use a digital machete and tech comm compass to guide you through the tangled overgrowth that is most technical communication. 

Matt will share his own survival stories, but more importantly, he will use your tech comm experiences to show you how you can identify dangerous (but too common) tech comm scenarios and safely resolve them.

It’s the Unconference, after all, so topics may include but are not limited to:

  • localization
  • accessibility
  • content reuse
  • SEO
  • evaluation of need for structure
  • choosing the “right” tool mix based on content

And, of course, attendees will determine the topics and their order!

Prerequisites: No prerequisites needed for this session, but students are encouraged to bring a laptop with their content editor of choice (FrameMaker, RoboHelp, Flare, Word, Notepad, lump of coal, etc.) and working content as permitted.

We’ll be discussing strategies for reducing formatting effort and improving content reuse using either structured or unstructured documents.

When: 27 April 2019, 8:30 am – 10:30 am

Workshop leader: Matt Sullivan, Tech Comm Tools and Adobe Technical Communication Partner

Matt Sullivan

Matt is Adobe’s Ambassador to TC Camp. He is a content experience strategist who helps both large and small organizations deliver exacting content to their audience. He is a real world Eagle Scout and still uses the skills and knowledge he learned a few times a month. His daughters recently asked him to take them backpacking, but he’s pretty sure they’ll back off when they find out why backpackers need to carry a 6” trowel with them.

This workshop is free to attend

Unconference – TC Camp 2019

Join our Unconference and use the day to talk about everything techcomm!

Two days of learning–technology, concepts, and skills with the best technical communicators in Silicon Valley. TC Camp is an Unconference, where techcomm leaders gather to learn and grow.

This is an event for the elite, for the people who want to be known as the movers and shakers. The people in techcomm who want to be the ones who can handle anything–by themselves, through their networks, and through their capabilities.

And they’re all here to work together to make everyone better!

What’s New This Year?

If you’ve never been to camp before, know that this is YOUR TC Camp. TC Camp is what you make of it.

The main event is the FREE Unconference. There is absolutely no cost to attend the main event. See the schedule…

However, if you want a little help getting your brain going early on a Saturday morning, you can add an optional morning workshop — Dawn Stevens (Taxonomy), Jessica Parker (Website Generators), or Mark Thompson (Collaboration) — for only $40. If none of those strike your fancy, you can always attend Matt Sullivan’s Adobe workshop for FREE. Learn more…

If you’re looking to expand your skills in the hottest growing techcomm sub-speciality, you can also add optional the Pre-Camp API Day for only $140 for a full day of training. We have new instructors with a brand new class! Learn more…

Keynote: The Future of Illusions

At most companies, marketing and technical communications rarely unite even though both professions create content. Also, rumors abound that new technologies, such as chatbots and artificial intelligence (AI) might reduce the necessity of both roles or increase internal struggles for their funding. Learn how content created by Salesforce is displacing the future of these illusions. 

In this keynote, attendees will learn:

  • How to solve competitive content requirements across teams
  • How to reuse content to build memorable customer experiences
  • Why different teams across a huge company are creating content together
  • Why techcomm professionals should market their knowledge and curtail their quirks

View the slides:

Keynote speaker: Gavin Austin

Gavin Austin, Salesforce

Gavin Austin is a Principal Technical Writer at Salesforce, where he’s been writing a variety of content for over 14 years. He helped Salesforce radically change its content strategy in 2015, and he has delivered a number of highly-rated talks at Dreamforce, Intelligent Content Conference, Information Development World, Write the Docs San Francisco, University of Washington, Blue Shield of California, CA Technologies, Agile2013, WritersUA, LavaCon, and more. In his spare time, he runs (and somehow finishes) 100-mile ultramarathons. He also loves burritos.

The Amphitheater! (AKA Lightning Talks)

Remember when camp was camp, and we had no fear performing in silly skits? TC Camp does. The Amphitheater is an informal opportunity to get up in front of your peers and try something new, share your expertise, and gain confidence as a speaker. Learn more…

Dedicated API Track!

Because so many people propose and vote on API topics, we’re going to dedicate one table to those topics. We’ve got someone who will curate and choose those topics, as well. This year, you can get down deep into API doc specifics because you’ll have four sessions dedicated to the topic!

Dot-voting and electronic voting!

Unconference sessions are determined by the attendees on the day of the event. Usually we do this with dot voting during the lunch break. You can vote electronically too — only registered attendees can vote, so don’t worry! You can vote now or vote later…

TC Camp 2019 Sponsors

Without our sponsors TC Camp is not possible! Please help us thank them by visiting their websites. They keep this event free.

Camp Ambassador

Adobe’s Technical Communication group delivers best-in-class tools, systems and services aimed at facilitating the end-to-end process of creating ground-breaking content, managing content effectively and efficiently using cutting edge systems, publishing content seamlessly across media and devices, and achieving greater business success.

Adobe’s tools and solutions help deliver contextual, consumable and actionable content while offering highest return on investment.

With the convergence of marketing and technical content across enterprises – Adobe’s new-age solutions will empower your organization to create valuable experiences that build your brands, drive demand, and extend the reach and ROI of customer-facing content, pre-sale AND post-sale.

Camp Scout Leader

Docforce is the platform that enables Writing as a Service. It is an advanced collaborative content creation and consulting platform designed to bring on-demand professional technical writing services to companies of any size on a Pay-As-You-Go or Subscription Basis.

JustSystems is a leading global software provider with three decades of successful innovation in office productivity, information management, and consumer and enterprise software. Since 1999 content developers have turned to XMetaL Author Enterprise for the best combination of easy-to-use authoring and tool customizability.

Comtech has been helping clients produce better technical content since 1978. Comtech strives to answer your information development questions. Whether you’re looking for consulting services or you need to train your team, Comtech can help.

Camp Ranger

Camp Conservationists

Camp Counselors

TC Camp Volunteers

When called to serve, these people jumped to our aide! Without them, there’d be no TC Camp.

Everyone who participates in the organization and planning of this event is an unpaid volunteer. If you value this event and want it to continue to happen, please consider being a volunteer next year.

2019 Organizing Committee
Claire Lundeby
Elaina Cherry
June Harton
Li-At Rathbun
Liz Fraley
Scott Prentice
Wendie Ruano