GIT Workshop – TC Camp 2017

Git for Technical Writers—Dropping the Bucket

Traditional source control systems use the “bucket” as a metaphor—you check out a “bucket” of content that’s all yours until you check it in. Git, however, is a distributed system, and isn’t content management so much as change management, so it behaves differently than we expect. This workshop provides a mental model to replace the bucket and provides “safety first” procedures to help you stay out of Git Jail. If you’ve looked at Git Basics and felt confused, or if you struggle with Git surprises, this workshop is for you. No experience necessary. Continue reading “GIT Workshop – TC Camp 2017”

Minimalism Workshop – TC Camp 2017

Turning a Necessary Evil into a Greater Good

No one likes to read documentation. It’s a necessary evil…a last resort when every other option has been exhausted. Although it may contain what’s needed, answers are too often buried in trivialities, lost in information everyone already knows or doesn’t care about, and obscured by inconsistencies in presentation. How can technical communicators produce content that users willingly turn to first, confident that they can find an answer and return to work quickly? In this workshop, learn to apply minimalism principles to select appropriate content, flag it for rapid accessibility, structure it consistently, and author it for easy understanding.

Continue reading “Minimalism Workshop – TC Camp 2017”

API Workshop – TC Camp 2017

Introduction to Web API Documentation

Web API documentation is a fast-growing field for technical writers. Web APIs are how data is passed on the internet between mobile devices, web apps, and servers. They are considerably simpler than programming languages, and relatively easy to learn how they work. This course covers structured data (JSON and XML) and how to document it, as well as REST requests and responses, and how to document them. It will also provide a short introduction to Markdown, the simple markup language. No programming experience is required. Bring a laptop or tablet that will allow you to type easily and browse the web. A text editor like Notepad++ or SublimeText is recommended, but not required. Continue reading “API Workshop – TC Camp 2017”