Hot Topic Summit SumUp 2015

A session at Society for Technical Communication (STC) Summit 2015 – Sponsored by TC Camp

When: Wednesday 24th June 2015, 9:45am to 10:30am


Did you miss it? Did you want more details? Do you have un-answered questions? Did you want to throw some ideas around with your peers? Join TC Camp directors for an un-scripted “real-time” discussion with the hot top presenters from the STC Summit. We will break into round-table, small-group discussions where you can delve even deeper into the topics that interest you the most, such as mobile, UX/UI, graphics, API/SDK, and analytics. We end the session with a debrief, sharing highlights so you can leverage your learning with your peers. Space is limited!


  1. API
  2. Cloud
  3. Legacy Content
  4. STC



Session #1: API


Session #2: Cloud


Session #3: Legacy Content


Session #4: STC

Scribe – Lori Meyer
Facilitator – Mike McAllister

Unaffiliated members

  • How can and should STC can engage unaffiliated members? Many members live too far away from the nearest chapter and cannot attend chapter events. How can we reach and serve them? Use technology wherever possible such as Adobe Connect and Skype. Note: Chapters can obtain an Adobe Connect license at a substantial discount.
  • Issue: Unaffiliated members need to know if a chapter is nearby. Unaffiliated members are often “on their own”. It would be useful for STC to engage unaffiliated members and let them know where nearby chapters are, so that chapter members can invite unaffiliated members to join and become involved.
  • STC needs to provide more information for members to start their own chapters. The CAC has material about leadership resources, which is available on the Leadership Resources page of Members interested in starting a chapter need to find information easily if there is an interest in starting new chapters.

Engaging students and encouraging student membership

  • More engagement with colleges and universities can provide potential student members and future members of STC. One person noted that English professors are often resistant to involvement with STC.
  • Best results as far as recruiting STC members seem to come from degree programs that are professional rather than more humanities-driven. More success with professionally oriented programs, so it might be best to go to departments that are focused on professions as opposed to humanities.
  • Technical communication degree programs are often perceived as “liberal arts” programs.
  • It is critical to get younger members involved. Younger professionals are more service-oriented than is perceived. They are not as insular as we think, but their social engagement works differently than that of previous generations. They focus on communities of interest that dissolve as the work is done. They want shorter-term results. They are less trustful of institutions. Ray mentioned the evolving model of SIGS, where the focus is on flexibility. STC as a society needs to make sure it does not limit itself to traditional ways of doing things. Price of membership was an obstacle for one member at first.
  • Value of STC – involvement with chapters and conferences reinforces the value we can add.

TC Camp, Inc. Completes 501(c)(3) Approval Process


TC Camp, Inc. Completes 501(c)(3) Approval Process

Sunnyvale, CA, June 1, 2015 – The TC Camp, Inc. board of directors is pleased to announce that our application for 501(c)(3) nonprofit status has been approved by the IRS. This completes the process of moving TC Camp out from under the Single-Sourcing Solutions umbrella. We can now focus on bringing TC Camp to technical communication communities everywhere.

For the past three years, the TC Camp “unconference” has been available to technical communication professionals in the San Francisco bay area. As an independent entity and a nonprofit, we can now explore the possibilities for offering a similar experience to techcomm professionals in other communities.

TC Camp is run by the board members and community volunteers. What makes TC Camp unique, is its accessibility and value. This educational event is free to attendees and is held on a Saturday, making it available to individuals at all levels of the profession. As an unconference, a significant portion of the day’s agenda is defined by the attendees on the day of the event. This ensures that the discussion topics are very likely to be of personal interest.

In addition to offering significant value for attendees, we also focus on providing value for our sponsors (without whom this event would not be possible). TC Camp is all about interactive involvement, so our sponsors don’t just sit in their booths waiting for people to stop by; they are encouraged to be engaged with the attendees by actively joining in on unconference topic conversations as well as providing informative entertainment through skits and commercials.

If you’d like to provide financial support for TC Camp, we accept donations in any amount via our website at For sponsorship opportunities or to volunteer, contact us at To keep up on the latest breaking information, follow us on Twitter @tccamp411. Videos of past events as well as interviews with sponsors and attendees is available at


TC Camp, Inc.
PO Box 62122
Sunnyvale, CA 94088


TC Camp Gazette #32

TC Camp 2015

Another Great Year! 

by Lori Meyer, TC Camper

Affordable, top-quality workshops…invigorating discussions…exhibits…great prizes…It all added up to another successful TC Camp experience on January 24. Once again, TC Camp combined the best of a formal program and user-driven learning.

This year, we had four well-attended morning workshops. Maxwell Hoffman talked about using the Adobe Technical Communication Suite v5 to produce enriched content for online delivery. Marta Rauch of Oracle discussed jump-starting your mobile projects. Steve Anderson of provided insights about creating documentation portals. And Tom Johnson of 41st Parameter explored API documentation in changing environments and new technologies.

At midday, we had some game-show fun with Camper’s Feud, where two teams — the Dangling Participles and the Serial Commas — challenged each other to give the best answers to four TC-related questions.

The afternoon unconference included 18 facilitated discussion sessions in three slots, covering a wide range of topics that you voted for in the morning. Examples of popular topics included keeping up with industry trends, HTML5, job search techniques, reuse strategies, and search issues. Then, it was on to Camp Minimialist to hear end-of-day summaries on the afternoon sessions. A representative from each session table was challenged to summarize their session in 60 seconds or less to get a reward. We wrapped up the day with drawings for great prizes, including an iPad Air.

Thanks for another great TC Camp, everyone…and we will see you in 2016!

A Great Big Thank You!

We want to thank our sponsors for making it possible for us to put on this event — at no charge to you!

Camp Extras!

Notes, slides, and pictures posted!

Thanks to our invisible transcribing and posting team workshop pages have been updated with slides and notes.

Check out the main TC Camp 2015 page for links to the individual workshop pages as well as to the Session Matrix. The Session Matrix will show you the full TC Camp 2015 Agenda and have links to the notes for all the sessions.

Here’s a short link to the TC Camp 2015 Page:

And Hey! Did you see that the slides from the Mobile workshop by Marta Rauch, Cindy Church, and Gail Chappell were selected as SlideShare Slides of the Day?

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We’re looking ahead to making TC Camp 2016 the best ever! To do that, we need your feedback. If you haven’t completed the TC Camp 2015 survey yet, take a few moments now to do so. Your feedback can help us plan an event that works for YOU!

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TC Camp is on YouTube!

by Scott Prentice, TC CEOWe’ve set up a YouTube channel and started uploading videos from the event in January.

So far we have interviews with a few attendees and most of the sponsors, as well as some other fun items. We have many more videos to upload, socheck back in the coming weeks. If you subscribe to our channel, you’ll be notified when new videos are posted.

If you attended camp this year, you should enjoy reviewing these videos. You will likely see and hear things that you missed while you were busy elsewhere at the event. If you didn’t make it to camp, perhaps these videos will encourage you to join us next year!

Loved TC Camp?

Volunteer in 2016!

A big part of TC Camp’s success is its hardworking and talented volunteers. If you loved TC Camp this year and plan to come back in 2016, consider volunteering! We lots of opportunities to help, so there’s sure to be something that matches your interests and schedule. Here are some examples:

  • planning workshops and finding presenters
  • writing and editing articles for TC Camp Gazette
  • finding sponsors
  • publicizing TC camp through social media
  • greeting and checking in attendees
  • helping set up and serve food
  • counting votes for unconference sessions
  • serving as scribes and facilitators at unconference sessions
  • cleanup at end of day
  • …and more!

If you’d like to volunteer, email us at and tell us what you’d like to do. Many thanks!

And now for something completely different

Skyliner put together this video about how to get from Narita Airport to Downtown Tokyo super fast. It’s a fantastic example of great documentation – And it’s all in English!