TC Camp Gazette #11: A Hearty Thank You!

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Feature: Well, that was fun!
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Button_1.25_300dpi_RGB_031683eeWere you a Scribe at TC Camp? If so, we need your notes so we can post them to share with all of the other campers. So please turn them in. You can send an e-mail with them to We’ll take care of the rest!

Well, That was fun!

TC Camp NewsTC Camp 2013

Hard to believe the first annual TC Camp was just one short week ago. Before time slips to far away, we wanted to send out one more newsletter. There are a few reminders for you in here, but most importantly, our thanks and appreciation from those of us at TC Camp.

Thank you for taking the time out of your weekend to come and spend a day at camp with us!

It was an action packed day all the way through and there never seemed to be a dull moment! While I did not personally have the chance to attend any of the sessions, I did get the chance to have quick chats with many of you in-between sessions. Many of you shared your thoughts and impressions and I was delighted to hear so many positive comments.

Why the TC Camp Un-Conference? Like so many of the people I interviewed for the TC Camp Gazette, I had never been to an Un-Conference before. In fact, the whole concept of the “Un-Conference” was very new to me. So you can imagine it took a lot of convincing from Liz Fraley for me to get on board.

Luckily, Liz stuck to her conviction and managed to get folks on board with her vision. Her enthusiasm and confidence caught a fire in all of us from the amazing morning session leaders, to the sponsors, and down to the volunteers she recruited to help out.

What did attendees gain from attending TC Camp? You tell us! We received a lot of “on the spot” feedback from many of the attendees through the day. So many of you were excited to be there and were expressing how much you gained – especially from the afternoon break out sessions. We even received quite a few of the survey forms, but we would like to give everyone a chance to fill in the on-line survey.

Dakota_Baby_picccf47fAbout Janice (aka TC Camp’s roving reporter!)

Janice shares a home with Roger and their very spoiled cat Dakota. My favorite thing to do to unwind is camping the near by Santa Cruz Redwood coastal range. Give me a toasty camp fire, a nice bottle of wine, a forest to explore, and I am happy!


yosemite_kids_camp_18158_600x450Camp Volunteers and Counselors Skills: The heroes behind the scenes

No event can ever be successful without the team that works tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure the needs of the attendees are met. They are there working from the time you arrive until the time you leave and even beyond.

They make sure you have plenty of food and drink, they clean up after you when you forget to clean up after yourself, they give you directions when you are lost, remind you of where you need to be next, and even make sure there is enough TP and hand towels in the latrine!

Thank you so much for working so diligently to make this one of the smoothest running events! This year we want to give a special thanks to members of the local ACM chapter and the local STC chapter for donating their time and lending a hand.

Would you like to be a Volunteer next year? Send an e-mail to

Leaders: Where would we be without them?

Bring your gearFrom morning learning sessions to afternoon panelists to the Un-Conference session leaders. TC Camp had outstanding leaders to help guide each phase of the day. These special people answered the call to be the first pioneers to lead sessions at the TC Camp. Without them we would have been lost!

131351247_CampingWebsiteThemeWill there be a TC Camp next year?

Based on all of the feedback we have received so far… YES.

Since the UnConference is designed by you for you – it is very important we receive your feedback. You are the pioneer campers who took a leap of faith and made this event what it was – fantastic. But there is always room to improve so we need to hear from you. What did you like, what did you not like, what would you like to learn in the morning sessions, what about the panel, sponsor presentations?

You have a say so let your voice be heard! No time to fill in the survey, then send an e-mail to

children_playingf3b754Lets stay Connected!
#tccamp network

While our time at the first annual TC Camp has come and gone, lets stay together! Use the power of the social media to stay in touch, share what you learned, your ideas, or just to keep informed about developments!

Did you Blog about your experience at TC Camp? If so we want to link to you! You can already see pictures from the event on DJ Cline’s blog post here.

From the Cat HoleFrom the cat hole:

While you’re in there, can you jot down your thoughts?! 

Did you take the time to fill in a feedback form at TC Camp? Your feedback will help to shape the next event. We received several forms at the camp, but if you did not have the opportunity, there is still a chance.

We created an electronic survey for you that takes less than five minutes to fill in.

If you already turned in your feedback, then we thank you. If you did not, please visit Survey Monkey to share your opinions

palsWe could have never made it happen without our friends!

When we reached out for companies to support this Un-Conference, these pioneering spirited companies said YES without hesitation! Special thanks to our Ambassador, our Rangers, and our Conservationist!

TC Camp – Saturday 26 January 2013

The first TC Camp was a huge success — over 100 people attend and stay through to the end of the day.  Everyone said the experience was amazing. Check the session matrix to see summaries and remarks from the ad-hoc sessions. Or, see some pictures taken by the resident bay area event picture master DJ Cline.


  • Date: Saturday, 26 January 2013
  • Time: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
  • Venue: Silicon Valley Innovation Center, Find us!
    • WiFi is available, you can twitter
    • Please add content to this blog from your sessions during TC Camp!
  • Register on TicketLeap— choose a workshop or just attend the afternoon unconference
    • Workshop + Unconference ($30)
    • Unconference Only (Free)
    • You must bring your TicketLeap ticket!
  • Bring: curiosity, business cards, portable (for notes, blogging, etc)
  • Questions, feedback, coordination, click on a name to email your camp counselors


This is an approximate schedule of the day’s events:

8:00-8:30 AM – Early Registration, Continental Breakfast

8:30-10:30 AM – Workshops

10:30-11:00 AM – Break, Late registration

11:00-2:00 PM|General Session

  • Overview to the day, sponsor presentations
  • Expert Panel
    • Rebekka Andersen, UC Davis
    • Sharon Burton,
    • Michael Hahn, Alphabetical by Author
    • Catherine Lyman, NetApp
    • Scott Prentice, Leximation
    • Marta Rauch, Oracle
    • Moderator: Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler
  • Session Proposals and Voting.  
  • Final Session Matrix

2:00-2:55 PM – Time Slot #1

3:00-3:55 PM – Time Slot #2

4:00-4:55 PM – Time Slot #3

5:00-6:00 PM – Share summary of sessions, Raffle, Thank you, and Wrap up

Morning Workshops

All classes run from 8:30 AM – 10:30 AM and cost $30.00.

If you decide you want to attend a different class than the one you signed up for on the day of the event, we will allow you to switch to the new class, as long as there are seats available.

Camp organizers invite any help in picking up after the free unconference for the Cloud Center

Session Matrix – Saturday 26 January 2013

Here’s the Session Matrix for the TC Camp held on 26 Jan 2013.

Scribes from several sessions sent in their notes for posting, in addition to sharing what they learned in the general Summary Session at the end of the day. Check the summary pages:

  • Session 1 (2pm):
    • New Features in FrameMaker
    • Document Review Process
    • Reusing Content
    • Getting Noticed on LinkedIn
    • Documenting APIs
  • Session 2 (3pm)
    • Challenges of using standards
    • Working with offshore vendors
    • teaching topic-based writing
    • Forms- and wizard-based authoring
    • Visual presentations
  • Session 3 (4pm)
    • help structure and navigation for web help
    • Agile
    • Wrangling difficult personalities
    • Mobile
    • Basic competencies

For workshop slides and notes, check your individual workshop page: