PDFs from DITA without Compromising Quality and Control (Workshop)

As Featured in TC Camp Gazette!
Have you been told that you have to sacrifice the look or layout of your PDFs in order to gain the benefits of XML and structured authoring? Are you concerned that moving to DITA will mean that you’ll need to pay consultants to maintain your publishing workflow? With FrameMaker and DITA-FMx you can continue to take advantage of your in-house expertise and tools while benefiting from the efficiencies of XML.
In this presentation you’ll learn about the various options for producing PDFs from DITA, and see how easy it is to publish PDFs using DITA-FMx. You’ll also see how you can take advantage of existing FrameMaker template development skills to control the layout and design of the PDFs. Even if you’re using another DITA authoring tool, you can use DITA-FMx for publishing.

Come to this presentation with your questions about PDF publishing from DITA. Scott will provide honest answers to your questions and your particular situation.¬†¬†Bring your content! We’ll have lots of time for questions and we can even try some conversions of your sample content.


Scott PrenticeScott Prentice is the president of Leximation Inc., and has been in the technical publication field since 1991. His work focuses on EPUB, custom online Help, and web application development, as well as FrameMaker (plugin and structure application) development. He is very involved with DITA and created the DITA-FMx plugin for FrameMaker.

XML 15 Years Later — WTF? (Workshop)

As Featured in TC Camp Gazette!
Technical communications encompasses creating content, managing content, and presenting content…these days, that probably means using XML-based standards and tools. The technologies are powerful, but sometimes users find themselves unnecessarily frustrated and confused by software misadventures and ten-thousand-foot views of six-inch problems.

This class provides questions and answers based on twenty years’ experience in standards-based creation, management, and presentation of content and markup. Discussions will center around common problems, tool interactions, and consistent markup application and interpretation.

Crowd-sourced problems and solutions are welcome and encouraged!

Presenter: Michael Hahn

Back when dinosaurs ruled the earth and he was in junior high, Michael Hahn recited “The Duck”, by Ogden Nash, for an English assignment.

Many years later this skill came in handy to explain SGML and XML to introductory classes, his employers, and his mother. Michael is a central Illinois native living in Wichita, Kansas with his very patient wife, two cats, and a big, slobbering Labrador Retriever.