Highlights from the 7th annual TC Camp

TC Camp 2019

Keynote Presentation

View the slides on slideshare: https://www.slideshare.net/gavaustin/the-future-of-illusions-tc-camp-2019-keynote

Video Competition

Three sponsors submitted videos to the TC Camp Bowl 2019. The creativity this year was off the charts and we had a tight race.


This was live. We are waiting on finished video…

Comtech Services

This was live. We are waiting on finished video…


Watch the SimplyXML entry here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9VkzrF-tnE

Thanks to the Volunteers

Thanks to all the volunteers who made TC Camp 2019 happen and a success.

To everyone who volunteered the day of the event at the registration desk, organizing the session matrix, answering questions, helping vendors set up and workshops get organized, and all of the 1001 little things it takes for an event like this to happen:

  • Bruce Faithwick
  • Celine Dion
  • Cherie Woodward
  • Claire Lundeby
  • Clarence Cromwell
  • Debra Eskinazi Stockdale
  • Eliana Jain
  • Jill Elhonsali
  • Karie Fraley
  • Liz Fraley
  • Mahesh Rattehalli
  • Paul Fraley
  • Scott Prentice
  • Tonie Flores

To everyone who volunteered at to help transcribe the scribe notes, so we could post it all to the web. We’ve tried automated services, but those who are not in our industry tend to guess wrong when it’s hard to read the handwriting. Thanks so much to everyone who helped out:

  • Bruce Faithwick
  • Claire Lundeby
  • Debra Eskinazi Stockdale
  • Elaina Cherry
  • Li-At Rathbun
  • Liz Fraley
  • Mark Giffin
  • Scott Prentice

To the board members who worked to secure fundraising, the venue, the catering, and get all the supplies; who helped find and secure excellent workshop leaders; who volunteered at the event; and who picked up all those little extra tasks without being asked:


TC Camp 2019 Gallery

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