Session Matrix – TC Camp 2019

This year we had 4 sessions each with 6 different discussions. Every discussion required a scribe and a facilitator. Scribes keep the notes and facilitators keep the conversation focused and make sure that everyone gets a chance to talk.  Both get special merit badges for their extra efforts!

Scribe notes are used during Camp Minimalist, at the end of the day, and saved here so you can access them later. These notes preserve not only what you learned, but give you access to what everyone else learned too!

Notes for each discussion have been posted to the individual session pages.


  1. Pre-Camp API Training
  2. Adobe Workshop
  3. Collaboration Workshop
  4. Website Generators Workshop

Unconference Session #1 – Notes

  1. API Track: Tools for documenting REST APIs
  2. Managing Expectations in Big Projects
  3. Exploring Google Docs output
  4. Information architecture
  5. Creating Microcontent
  6. Amphitheater Lightning Talks:
    1. Does your conditional filtering strategy scale?
    2. Documentation Tools as a Career

Unconference Session #2 – Notes

  1. API Track: Design Patterns for API Docs
  2. Communicating with SMEs
  3. How Do You Handle the PDF vs HTML Output Issue
  4. Minimalism
  5. Automating documentation processes
  6. Amphitheater Lightning Talks:
    • Smart Shiba’s Guide to Image Formats

Unconference Session #3 – Notes

  1. API Track: API Documentation Practices
  2. Content Reuse Mechanisms in DITA
  3. Using GitHub for Documentation Version Control
  4. Getting user feedback
  5. Job Market Stuff / Transitioning into Tech Writing
  6. Amphitheater: Ninja Talks

Unconference Session #4 – Notes

  1. API Track: Using JavaScript Libraries Like jQuery or Node.js
  2. Lightweight DITA / DITA Future
  3. Markdown for Techcomm
  4. Ways to Simplify Complexity
  5. Freelancing / Part-time Gigs / Companies to Work for
  6. Ways to simplify complexity