Amphitheater – TC Camp 2019

Remember when camp was camp, and we had no fear performing in silly skits? TC Camp does. 

This year, we’re testing a new Unconference track that will provide short speaking opportunities. We’re calling it: The Amphitheater

The Amphitheater (cAmphitheater?) is an informal opportunity to get up in front of your peers and try something new, share your expertise, and gain confidence as a speaker.

We’re hoping to get a mix of veteran and first-time speakers, and think it’s a great way to let us hear more from each other.

The Amphitheater track has 5 and 20 minute speaking slots and will run alongside the regular Unconference sessions.

Speaker selection will be first-come, first-serve or chosen by lottery from all the entries. Start brainstorming what you could bring to camp!

Pro tip: you aren’t strictly limited to traditional techcomm topics!