Session Matrix – TC Summer Camp 2017

This year we had 3 workshops in the morning. In the afternoon, we had 2 sessions with 3 different simultaneous discussions. During each session, there were three rotations so everyone had the opportunity to attend every session. At each rotation break, attendees could stay or choose to rotate to one of the other discussions. While it seems as if there were only two sessions and one workshop, if an attendee rotated at every opportunity, that person attended 6 different discussions and all 3 workshops. Most people attended two out of three and ended up participating in 4 discussions and 2 workshops.

Every discussion requires a scribe and a facilitator. Scribes keep the notes and facilitators keep the conversation focused and make sure that everyone gets a chance to talk.  Both get special merit badges for their extra efforts!

Notes for each discussion have been posted to the individual session pages.

Workshops – Notes

  1. Adobe Workshop with Dustin Vaughn, Adobe
  2. Effective Collaboration with Andrew Lawless, Team Lawless
  3. Structured Authoring with Janice Summers, Single-Sourcing Solutions

Unconference Session #1 – Notes

  1. Reporting content metrics ROI
  2. Techwriters overcoming silos
  3. Getting reviewers to review

Unconference Session #2 – Notes

  1. Sharepoint best practices
  2. Dealing with a difficult manager
  3. Best practices for connecting stand alone topics