Microlearning Workshop – TC Camp 2017

Rethinking How We Adapt Microlearning for Technical Communication

In this workshop, you will learn about the microlearning methods TechSmith has adapted and how training and documentation teams use them to make creative, concentrated instructional videos. You’ll learn about the tools you need to create microlearning videos and how to choose a pilot project. This session will focus on the actual how-to of editing your content at a granular level, customizing it for your exact purposes, and managing its delivery.

Workshop leader: Andrea Perry, TechSmith

perryAndrea Perry has a background writing and designing help content for software users. She has had the privilege of speaking at conferences like WritersUA and DevLearn and currently designs onboarding and tutorial content for TechSmith programs, teaching others how to create remarkable videos and images.

When: Saturday 21 January 2017, 8:30-10:30 AM

An Interview with Andrea Perry of TechSmith, Microlearning workshop leader!

by Li-At Rathbun, your TC Camp Roving Reporter

Learning can be boring and tedious, and it can drag on and on. But what if there was a way to make it more engaging? Andrea Perry discusses one such opportunity…

Li-At: Who should attend this January 21 workshop?

Andrea: Anybody who’s curious about creating videos or is currently creating videos as a technical communicator and wants to learn about new, effective ways to present visual content.

Li-At: What is microlearning?

Andrea: There are a lot of definitions, depending on what fields you’re in and what your goals for the piece are. But I think microlearning is this idea that chunking information smaller and making processes simpler—and doing it in a creative and visual way—can be more helpful and create more positive, impactful experiences with customers.

Li-At: As a “traditional” technical communicator, should I be afraid of this visual microlearning trend?

Andrea: Absolutely not. Technical communicators have an advantage here, and this is why I’m excited to share about microlearning.

Most technical communicators already think about chunking information and content in ways that make sense. And so I think this should be something very comfortable.

The part that might be a stretch or even a challenge is turning that into a video deliverable. But even there, I don’t think it should be something to be afraid of but something to be excited about and look forward to experimenting with.

Li-At: What’s the biggest challenge in creating a microlearning video?

Andrea: Knowing what to leave out.

Most people want to learn. So if you can present the information in a clear way that’s fun and engaging—a way that applies to people’s curiosity and their love of knowledge—I think most people would love to view it and hear what has to be said about the topic—whatever it is.

Li-At: Okay, so this is TC Camp. So my next question is what’s your favorite camping spot?

Andrea: Well, I’m from Lansing, Michigan. I love the Lakeshore area around the west coast of Lake Michigan.

(photo courtesy of JIm D)

Li-At: If you could take one person camping who would that be?

Andrea: Anyone? That’s a tricky one. Well, this is kind of a little boring, but it’s true: It’s probably my sister. Because she has the same spontaneous, energetic, and adventurous spirit as I do. So I feel we’d have a blast and explore and just have a really good time.