Session Matrix – TC Summer Camp 2016

Session Matrix- Saturday 30 July 2016

This year we had 3 sessions each with 4 different discussions. Every discussion requires a scribe and a facilitator. Scribes keep the notes and facilitators keep the conversation focused and make sure that everyone gets a chance to talk.  Both get special merit badges for their extra efforts!

Notes for each discussion have been posted to the individual session pages.

Workshops- Notes

  1. GitHub Based Documentation Workflows
  2. Content Strategy for Technical Communicators
  3. Work Global- Live Local
  4. Adobe Workshop

Unconference Session #1- Notes

  1. Content Reuse
  2. Writing/Formatting Best Practices
  3. Writing for Hearing/Sight Impaired
  4. Documentation Automation

Unconference Session #2- Notes

  1. Style Guides
  2. Keeping Up With Industry Trends
  3. Documentation Review Process
  4. Content Architecture and Design

Unconference Session #3- Notes

  1. Technical Communications in an Agile Environment
  2. Technical Editing Fundamentals
  3. Documenting APIs
  4. Writers and Product Usability