Podcasting Workshop – TC Summer Camp 2016

Should you promote yourself on social media? Do you know which sites you should be on? Should you have a blog? Do you think it’s all just a bit silly?

Ed Marsh, a technical writer and information architect with over 20 years of experience, shares his experience with self-promotion by blogging, podcasting, and using social media. He’ll cover sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and even a few surprises.

About Ed Marsh

Ed Marsh has been a technical communicator since 1994, creating printed manuals, online help, cheat sheets, technical illustrations, eLearning modules, web sites, and more. He is also experienced in information architecture and content management. He generally dislikes writing in the third person.

Ed likes getting his hands dirty in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and XML. He is a Drupal enthusiast; using the CMS, he created the content news aggregation site contentcontent.info.

Most recently, Ed created the Content Content podcast, featuring interviews with technical communicators, content marketers, content strategists, and other professionals. He is also a homebrewer and former director of the Secaucus High School Marching Band.

Twitter handle @edmarsh

Personal Website: edmarsh.com