GitHub Workshop – TC Summer Camp 2016

GitHub is a web-based repository for software projects that uses Git as a repository. GitHub is reportedly the world’s largest open source community, hosting over 35 million repositories that include both code and the documentation for that code. In addition to the public version of GitHub, companies can adopt GitHub Enterprise internal use, so it is gaining popularity for private repositories as well.

Docs aren’t siloed in GitHub — they live with the code, follow the same workflow as the code, and are reviewed with the code, which is especially useful in an Agile environment, where docs are part of the “definition of done.”

GitHub includes version control, issue tracking, notifications, diffs, status dashboards, documentation, and social features. All of these features are useful when developing and managing documentation in a GitHub project. Technical communicators have other opportunities to contribute in GitHub, including commenting on, reviewing, and merging proposed changes and managing the wiki community.

In this workshop, we’ll learn about these features, GitHub terminology, and about documentation workflows in GitHub. Bring your laptop – we’ll create GitHub accounts, explore features, and look at a few useful productivity tools for managing your projects.

About the Presenter:

Nicky Bleiel is a Watson Information Developer at IBM and a GitHub user. She is a Past President and Associate Fellow of the Society for Technical Communication and has over 20 years of experience writing and designing content for software products in a variety of industries. She is a popular speaker at many conferences, including the STC Summit, WritersUA, tcworld, CIDM, and LavaCon; and has been published in STC’s Intercom, tcworld magazine, ISTC Communicator, and more.
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