Session Matrix – TC Camp 2016

This year we had 4 sessions each with 6 different discussions. Every discussion requires a scribe and a facilitator. Scribes keep the notes and facilitators keep the conversation focused and make sure that everyone gets a chance to talk.  Both get special merit badges for their extra efforts!

Notes for each discussion have been posted to the individual session pages.

Workshops – Notes

  1. Adobe
  2. Content Strategy
  3. Git
  4. Keeping Yourself Marketable
  5. UI/UX

Unconference Session 1 – Notes

  1. Writers and Product Usability
  2. Documentation Automation
  3. Favorite Tools
  4. Reuse Strategies: Thinking Like an Information Architect
  5. Visual Presentations/Infographics
  6. Document Review Processes

Unconference Session #2 – Notes

  1. Documenting APIs
  2. Jobs and Job Searches
  3. Sustainability
  4. Teaching Traditional Writers to Write Topic-Based
  5. Style Guides
  6. How to Elevate Content Initiatives Across an Enterprise

Unconference Session #3

  1. Documentation Workflows Based on Markdown and Git
  2. Localization
  3. Metadata and Categorization Strategies
  4. Intro to Data Modeling: How to Think About Reuse
  5. Leveraging LinkedIn
  6. Writing/Formatting Best Practices

Unconference Session #4 – Notes

  1. Humor in Documentation
  2. Going Mobile
  3. Taming the MS Word Monster When Moving to XML
  4. TC and Agile
  5. Promoting Yourself Over Social Media
  6. Keeping Up With Industry Trends