Git Workshop – TC Camp 2016

Git-based Technical Communication Workflows

Are you getting the most out of your version control system? GitHub is designed to promote collaborative workflows while maintaining a historical view of your project. This workshop will cover the essential GitHub Workflow and then show you how to undo almost anything. You will also learn how the GitHub documentation team structures their repositories and documentation to leverage the power of GitHub and will explore some of the powerful integrations that can improve your workflow and your writing.

Presented by: Jenn Leaver, Technical Writer, and Cynthia Rich, Senior Trainer, GitHub

When: 23 January 2016, 8:30 am – 10:30 am

About our presenters

Jenn Leaver is a technical writer with Github. She loves baking, crafts, and asparagus, and hopes to write a children’s book someday.

Cynthia Rich is a senior trainer with GitHub, delivering training on … (Stop. Can you guess?) … Git and GitHub! Her favorite book is “Getting Things Done”, and she once led a group of college students on a tour of Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary. She hopes to quit her job someday to devote more time to eating peaches.