Mobile Workshop – TC Camp 2015

Notes Posted!

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Jump Start Your Mobile Project

Get your mobile project off to a good start by developing quick, low-fidelity mockups of mobile content. This helps you demonstrate how you’ll meet mobile user requirements and lets you incorporate feedback early in the project. In this hand-on workshop, you will use paper templates to create quick prototypes of content for mobile apps, including an app for a wearable device.

Presenters: Marta Rauch (Oracle), Cindy Church (Oracle), and Gail Chappell (VMWare)

Time: 8:30 AM to 10:30 AM

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Slideshare Slides of the day – 25 Jan 2015!

And it’s no wonder! Attendees at this session learned a lot and had a lot of fun. We heard laughing and saw happy faces on everyone coming out of this session. Attendees got special badges made by the presenters and fun presents to take away.

About our presenters

Marta RauchMarta Rauch is a Senior Principal Information Developer at Oracle, where she develops content for mobile, cloud, and API projects. She contributed to Developing User Assistance for Mobile Apps, by Joe Welinske, and The Language of Content Strategy, by Rahel Bailie and Scott Abel. She provides UX and usability input for a variety of apps for iOS, Android, and wearable devices, and shares content strategy best practices with worldwide audiences. Marta is an STC Associate Fellow, member of the Nominating Committee, and Vice President of the Silicon Valley Chapter. An avid hiker and mountaineer, Marta was previously a rock climbing instructor. She has climbed the highest peaks in Yosemite National Park.
Cindy ChurchCindy Church is a Senior Curriculum Developer in the Oracle Server Technologies group. She develops Java-related instructor-led training, demos, self-studies, and tutorials. She publishes content on the Oracle Learning Library and the Oracle Learning YouTube channel. Previously, Cindy held positions as a technical writer and an instructional designer at Sun Microsystems.
Gail ChappellGail Chappell, UX at VMWare, previously UA at Oracle. Gail Chappell is a writer in a UX group and co-presented a mobile content workshop at the Intelligent Content conference.


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Notes from the Scribe

Scribe: Cate Larsen

Top Takeaways:

  • Mobile is the industry trend
  • Wearables are Mobile 2.0
  • Create prototypes with sketches based on users’ needs -> continual feedback is important
  • What is mobile content – all text on screen
  • Join the Mobile team at the onset (tours, messages, notifications, tips)
  • Build a milestone for providing feedback
  • User needs to know what to do in 3 seconds


“Developing Mobile User Assistance” by Joe Welinske

Be brief, positive, simple, friendly (conversational) & delightful

A message provides guidance (instruction, tip, feedback, status, error, confirmation)

Example: Swipe cords away when you’re done with them  (i.e., pictures with text are great explanations of what to do)

Avoid too complex, long, formal, and desktop-ish; too obvious, too many pages, too much text, too complex

Ask “What is the primary purpose of this screen?”

With wearables, you can earn awards (or visual trophies) with your achievements