TC Camp Gazette #22


A big TC Camp thank you to our returning RangerMadCap Software!

Workshops, In or Out?

By the Roving Reporter

In, of course, by Campers popular request!

But the big question is, what do you want to learn about? You cast your votes for the important topics for the TC Camp morning workshops and, as a result, we have narrowed the selection down to the top four topics. Here’s a taste:

  • Best practices in planning a documentation portal
  • API documentation in changing environments with expanding or new technologies
  • Writing for mobile
  • Give yourself the professional edge — how tokeep yourself marketable now and into the future

These morning workshops will run from 8:00 to 10:00 a.m. and cost $35.00, with all proceeds going to support TC Camp.

Now that we have the topics, we are diligently searching for Volunteer Experts to lead the workshops.

There is something very special about our teachers! Workshop teachers volunteer their time and effortto share their expertise. True, they do get a special Merit badge and we do give them a lunch ticket, but other than that, they recieve no compensation.

Just like our sponsors, the virtual volunteers, and our event volunteers, they do this to give back to the community! You can show your support by signing up to one of the workshops once registration opens.

We already have the teacher for the API session, and we have two people interested in leading a workshop on keeping you marketable. To refer a leader for the other workshops, send your suggestion by

Why I Attended TC Camp

By Paul Nagai, 2013 TC Camp attendee

Why are you a fan (or at least an attendee) of TC Camp?

I will admit that I attended partly just to see how an unconference worked. I am a fan of creative processes and ways of working with peers thatimprove on older, more traditional, hierarchical strategies that, of course, have their place, but don’t solve every problem and bring plenty of their own. I have to say that this alone was worth the effort to attend. (I had to fly in from Oregon on my own dime.) It is heartening to see the excitement and engagement this conference structure encourages in its attendees.

I was interested in most of the user-suggested topics, and most of them were relevant to the work I do. Further, I found that the sessions I attended to be surprisingly and somewhat contradictorilyappropriate for both beginners and experienced professionals. That is not to say that they were comprehensive, mind you. Rather, parts of each session were educational for people new to a topic, while other parts got sufficiently beyond the surveys or tutorials one might find on the web to hold all but the most jaded practitioner’s attention.

Finally, I found the vendor presentations informal enough, educational enough, and lacking enough “salesy-ness” to honestly feel like there was a fair trade of my time for their support of the camp.

What was your favorite part of TC Camp?

The networking opportunities and the user-suggested sessions were a close tie for my favorite parts of TC Camp.

Camp Extras!

Tips and Tricks for TC Camp Participants

From Paul Nagai:

Really put some time in ahead of the conference to think about what topic or topics you’d like to discuss. While serendipity is a wonderful thing, having a specific topic get selected that’s of interest to you is both

Really put some time in ahead of the conference to think about what topic or topics you’d like to discuss. While serendipity is a wonderful thing, having a specific topic get selected that’s of interest to you is both validating and rewarding.

Editor’s note: For TC Camp 2015, we’ll propose and select topics before the conference, just as we did for TC Camp 2014. Look for details in a future TC Camp Gazette.

Help Run TC Camp 2015

Here’s your chance to give back to the community! Be a TC Camp Volunteer!!A lot happens on the day of the event, and we’ll need plenty of help setting up, organizing, and managing the event. Plan now to help. Let us know that you’llhelp run TC Camp 2015 by

Trail Mix

Where was the marketing department when Bioinformatic Sequence Markup Language (BSML) was created?

I am only just learning to ride a bicycle. It really is liberating and enjoyable getting around by pedal power. But this man takes cycling to new heights! Enjoy!!! Danny MacAskill riding “The Ridge” on the Isle of Skye.

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