TC Camp Gazette #21


The list of supporters is growing!

Joining the rank of Rangers supporting TC Camp 2015, welcome first timers easyDITA and IconLogic. Also joining at the Camp Conservationist level is our returning camper, Design Science.

What’s So Special About Our Sponsors

And why do we make such a fuss?

By the Roving Reporter

It’s true that we do gush about our sponsors, our panelists, and our workshop teachers. We have a good reason because without the sponsors we would never have TC Camp. That might sound dramatic, but it really is true.

As we start to step up our efforts to secure sponsors for TC Camp 2015, I was reflecting on the past two years. When Liz Fraley first proposed the concept of an unconference, the one thing she wanted to make sure we could do was offer free attendance. It was a great idea, but how would we do that, make it free and still have a quality event for our community?

Hosting an event costs a lot of money, and even though Single-Sourcing Solutions was there to fill in the gaps, we still needed help. So we began to reach out and ask for sponsors to give us a hand. Each year, we send out our plea for help, and hold our breath and hope for responses.

When I think about our sponsors, teachers, panelists, and our volunteers, they all share a common goal — to help promote the community of technical communicators. They give to the community and ask for nothing in return. The teachers and panelists don’t get paid, and the sponsors only get names when you say it’s OK. These folks give selflessly and we all owe them our gratitude. So when you come to camp, take a moment to thank the sponsorsbecause without them, we would never be able to host TC Camp!

Why I Attend TC Camp

By Patrick Lufkin, 2013 and 2014 TC Camp attendee

Why are you a fan (or at least an attendee) of TC Camp?

I’ve been attending STC conferences and eventssince the early 1990s, and the TC Camps are, by far, my favorites. The “unconference” format, whose content is largely dictated by the attendees, provides flexibility and keeps the proceedings spontaneous, smart, and relevant.

What is your favorite part of TC Camp?

The formal presentations and vendor access are, of course, valuable, but mostly I enjoy the camaraderie. TC Camp is one of few opportunities around where you can engage with so many smart, dedicated technical communicators who are willing to share what they know and are savvy enough to invest a day outside of work in their own careers and professional development.

Camp Extras!

Tips and tricks for TC Camp participants

From Patrick Lufkin:

Bring a notebook. You will be presented with more information than you can remember. Also bring business cards so you can follow up with the contacts you make. Beyond that, relax and enjoy yourself. It wouldn’t be called camp if it wasn’t supposed to be fun.

Trail Mix

What do you know about markup languages?

Before HTML5, XHTML, and HTML 2.1, there wereGML, Scribe, , LaTeX, TeX, troff, nroff, and RUNOFF. LaTeX, for example, is still used widely.

Now, Wikis and other document systems are adopting simple markup languages that replace or supplement WYSIWYG systems. If you use a Wiki, check out its markup language. Take a look atMarkdown — you’ll probably run into it sometime soon.