TC Camp Gazette #17

We’re on Our Way!

TC Camp 2015

Looking Forward

If you were a part of TC Camp in 2013 or 2014, you shared the great experience of getting together with others who strive to be better technical communicators and express it by sharing their knowledge and experience with their peers.

At TC Camp 2015 we’ll do it again. We’ll focus on the Technical Communications issues, skills, challenges, and applications that interest you most. You’ll meet with members of Bay Area community of writers, editors, designers, and the people who support them, both those staring in those roles and veterans with long experience.

TC Camp 2015 Needs You Now!!

Yes, we’ve begun planning for TC Camp 2015, but there’s lots more work to do. Join one of our virtual volunteer teams and help us make the next TC Camp the best yet. As a Virtual Volunteers, you’ll share tasks for more flexibility. You can contribute to a team that updates our website, manages our social media presence, or creates newsletter announcements.

Save the Date!!

Mark your calendars for Saturday, January 24, 2015. We’re still in the process of reviewing locations, but the date has been set, so please mark your calendars now.

Help Run TC Camp 2015

Of course, we’ll need help setting up, organizing, and managing TC Camp. Even if you don’t have time to help with planning, this is a great time to let us know that you’ll help on the day by emailing