Camp is Over! Winners and Wrap Up!

Thanks to everyone who was able to participate in this year’s TC camp! Here’s a shout out to this year’s winners!

Michael Hahn who came all the way from Kansas, won some glow sticks read “Awesome” for going the distance! You really are awesome Michael!

June Harton won glow sticks that read “Cool” for finding new places to publicize TC Camp.

North Bay Communicators brought a bus full of people all the way from the north bay (north of San Francisco) and they won a package of glow stick necklaces to wear on their journey home in the dark!

Susan Allen won the coveted Smores’ Maker for having the most social media promotions in the most channels! We hope you enjoy your tasty morsels of chocolate marshmallow heaven Susan!

Smores MakerWe were so excited with all the positive feedback from TC Camp that we wanted to share some of the comments left on the evaluation forms!

  • “Wonderful networking opportunity. Excellent presenters, panelists. The unconference format offered us a chance to cover a lot of material and explore a number of topics.”
  • “Great time management. Great topic discussions and food and drinks!”
  • “Nice Vibe.”
  • “Small focus groups. Best $30 spent for the knowledge gained. Collaborative and friendly. Excellent ideas which can be used immediately.”
  • “Spontaneous management and unconference like atmosphere.”

Notes from the camp are now published! Check them out!

  • Session 1– How to use video effectively- HTML 5- Reusing content  with tech pubs, training, marketing support and other organizations-Strategies for using Bookmaps and maps in DITA-Deep Dive into Adobe TechComm Suite5-Writing/formatting best practices
  • Session 2-Visual presentations, writing content that isn’t text- Going mobile- Techinical Editing Fundamentals- Thinking like a librarian- Controlling/harnessing MS Word in the move to XML- Content vs. Documents
  • Session 3– Jobs/job search: How to break into a new industry; portfolios and how to construct them-Deciding what goes into a doc or mobile version of an enterprise software app-Documenting APIs-Metadata and categorization strategies-Taking your content strategy to rest of org- Improving Search
  • Session 4– Leveraging LinkedIn-Content Architecture and Design- Document Review Process- DITA vs. Docbook- TC and Agile- Writers and product usubility