Session Matrix – Saturday 25 January 2014

Session #1

  • How to use video  effectively in TC
  • HTML 5
  • Reusing content  with tech pubs, training, marketing support and other organizations
  • Strategies for using Bookmaps and maps in DITA
  • Deep Dive into Adobe TechComm Suite5
  • Writing/formatting best practices

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Session #2

  • Visual presentations – writing content that isn’t text
  • Going Mobile
  • Technical editing fundamentals
  • Thinking like a librarian
  • Controlling/harnessing MS Word in the move to XML
  • Content vs. Documents

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Session #3

  • Jobs/job search: How to break into a new industry; portfolios and how to construct them
  • Deciding what goes into a doc or mobile version of an enterprise software app
  • Documenting APIs
  • Metadata and categorization strategies
  • Taking your content strategy to rest of org
  • Improving search

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Session #4

  • Leveraging LinkedIn
  • Content architecture and design
  • Document review process
  • DITA vs. Docbook
  • TC and Agile
  • Writers and product usability

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