TC Camp Gazette #13: The Art of Survival is Quality!

Featured this week: Quality!

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TC Camp News!

TC Camp NewsQuality: The Art in Survival

To survive in the wilderness you have three top priorities and the first one is shelter. Even when we go out for our little weekend camping trips, our first task is to set up the shelter.

Now, to create a shelter in the wilderness is a fairly straight forward process. You can build a simple lean-to without too much effort. It works to provide some shelter from the environment.

lean-toThis one may look a bit dodgy but it will do in a pinch and does provide some elementary shelter.

But what can you create when you put a little more creative and intentional thought into the process?

hutHere is a shelter you could live in!

It provides far more shelter from the adverse elements, fits more people and/or possessions, and you can even build a small fire in the center to radiate heat.

It uses the same basic “found” items from the forest floor, but more effort and thought was put into their arrangement. The visual should speak for itself. It’s easy to guess which one you would choose to have if you needed to survive a full season in the wilderness.

It’s the same thing with your publications.

Stripped to the basic, it’s all text on pages. We all have the same text to scavenge and the same mission in mind: provide content consumers with the information they need. But just like the structures in the wilderness, the real impact is in the quality of the arrangement of text. The more artful attention we pay to how we use the text, the stronger our content structures will be to survive in the wilderness.

If you want to improve authoring efficiency, publishing efficiency, re-usability, and the experience of your information consumers then you need to enroll in this workshop: Creating Better Business Documents

Getting the most out of camp

TC Camp UnconferencePlanning a trip from out of town?

Some of you may be coming in from out of town. I get questions about when is the best time to plan their return flight. Judging by last year’s attendees and their feedback, plan to stay the whole time. There are so many interesting tidbits shared through the entire day that I would not want you to miss one bit. We do have a hard stop at 7pm though, so ready or not we need to leave the building!

Packing for camp

packing for campWhat do you need to bring with you to get the most out of your day?

Pack light! We move around a lot so the last thing you want is to be dragging a lot of baggage around with you. Have a backpack or a small tote handy to keep all your possessions in one place. Something easy you can sling over your shoulder.

Camp extras

tccampCOAEarn extra merit badges at camp!

TC Camp success is based on your participation so to reward your efforts, you can earn extra merit badges. Volunteer to be a scribe for one of the sessions, be a facilitator, reccomend a winning topic, jump in as a volunteer counselor…

Volunteering has rewards!

volunteersEarn extra merit badges at camp!

Without our camp counselors and helpers, there is no way we could ever pull off this event. From greeting and registration to food service to clean up to scribes for the un-conference sessions, all of this work is done by an All Volunteer Staff. Earn your badge of honor and get involved by contacting us.

TC Dojo

While TC Camp is a couple of months away, get into the spirit of the Un-Conference with the Un-Websession at the TC Dojo! See what’s going on here.dojo-empty-mini