Content Strategy Workshop – TC Camp 2014

As Featured in TC Camp Gazette!Strategy from the outside in!

Regardless of the content architecture (DITA, DocBook, Structured, Un-Structured, etc…) you should have a strategy around your content creation and production. But is your strategy working for you? Is it delivering what your customers are looking for? Can they find what they need? Do they actually enjoy using your content?

In this workshop you will learn how to develop a strategy that comes from the outside (your customers side): A strategy that will not only keep your content consumers satisfied, but that will keep you modern and current even as technologies and consumers change over time

Presenter: Pamela Noreault, Sr. User Experience Content Specialist, ACI Worldwide, and Chip Gettinger, VP of XML Solutions at SDL

Time: 8:45 AM – 10:45 AM

About Our Presenters

PamNoreaultPamela Noreault, ACI Worldwide is a Sr. User Experience Content Specialist. Pam has 20 years experience in communications, content management, and technical writing. She specializes in content reuse, topic-based content creation, DITA conversions, using social media in business, and trends in user assistance. When she’s not researching and implementing new ways to involve customers in user assistance, she can be found presenting at conferences, teaching Technical Communications courses at the local college, or hiking with her dogs. Pam has a BS in English/Spanish Education from The Ohio State University and a MA in English/Professional Writing from Wright State University.[/gc]

ChipGettingerChip Gettinger, VP of XML Solutions at SDL, works closely with customers to identify business requirements and deployment best practices. With over 20 years’ experience in global publishing and component content management, he greatly enjoys problem solving and developing solutions. Earlier in his career, Chip worked on a services team responsible for the client delivery of XML solutions, product management, course developer and trainer. He received a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Arts Technology, with a business emphasis, from Northern Illinois University.

Thanks to SDL for sponsoring this TC Camp 2014 workshop!


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