Structured Authoring Workshop – TC Camp 2014

As Featured in TC Camp Gazette!Paying it Forward: Experiences and Lessons Learned on the Road to DITA/Topic Based Authoring

The road from traditional book-based authoring to DITA and topic-based authoring is full of potholes.

  • How do you chop up a book into self-contained topics and put it back together into something that makes sense?
  • How do you handle reuse and linking?
  • And how do you wrap your mind around new tools and workflows while still getting your job done?

Three people who have made the trip share their experiences and lessons-learned to help you get to DITA/TBA without taking too many wrong turns.

Time: 8:45 AM to 10:45 AM

Presenters: Tracy Baker (F5), Amy Bowman (VMWare), and Wendy Shaffer (VMWare)

About the Presenters

tracy bakerTracy Baker has worked in technical communication for over 17 years. Five years ago she convinced her boss that XML/DITA and topic-based authoring was the direction her team needed to head, and went about setting up the infrastructure, training, and systems to make that a reality. Along the journey, there have been tears, trials, and tribulations, but the team now publishes all customer-facing technical documentation from topics. It was a proud moment last spring when the team realized they had published a FrameMaker guide for the last time, and had reached the goal of working 100% in XML/DITA.

amy bowmanAmy Bowman is a Technical Communications Manager and an experienced DITA user. As a product documentation lead, Amy is responsible for creating reuse strategies, architectural best practices, and helping writers develop their structured authoring skills.

Wendy ShafferWendy Shaffer is a staff technical writer in the VMware Technical Publications department, and was one of the lead writers in the vSphere Web Client video effort. She also has extensive experience in online Help architecture and strategy, and in authoring content in DITA/XML.

Thanks to DCL for sponsoring this class at TC Camp 2014!

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