TC Camp Gazette #12: Analytics!

Featured this week: Analytics!

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TC Camp News!

TC Camp NewsDo more than just survive. To thrive, you need to be an expert Tracker

Tracking is one of the most important skills to have to thrive in the outdoors.

By reading the signs in nature, a good tracker will know where to find the necessities for survival. Be it food or shelter or even those who may have been lost. In hunter-gatherer cultures, these skills were taught in a variety of ways from folklore stories to practical hands-on training that started in childhood. Skills can take an entire life-time to perfect. However, once you’ve acquired the skills to analyze tracks and other markers, your ability to thrive and flourish is practically guaranteed.

So what does this have to do with Tech Comm?

Everything! If you have information that customers seek, whether you are in front of or behind a fire-wall, then you need to know how to track them. If you want to do more than simply survive, you need to be able to read the digital trail and analyze the results.

You invest all of your time creating content for your customers, but do you know what content they are reading? What is important to them? Where do you lose them? What terms are they searching for? Are they finding it? Can they follow the trail you’ve laid out? What is really relevant to the end user of the work you produce?

This year TC Camp brings you a workshop on Analytics. By applying the right analytics and learning how to properly interpret the data, you can flourish and prosper.

Getting the most out of camp

TC Camp UnconferenceYour day at camp is what you make of it. An un-conference is created by the attendees. You decide what the topics are the day of Camp. But, you can get started now by suggesting topics ahead of time. Join the discussion group on topics already suggested or suggest a new one!

Packing for camp

packing for campBelieve it or not, others really do care about what you are up to. Bring along those smart phones and tablets so you can share your camp stories as they happen!

Camp extras

camp extrasEnter to win your very own Smores maker! There is no other gooey chocolaty delicious treat like the Smores you make at camp! You could win your very own Smores maker to take home and enjoy these decadent treats at home. How do you enter? Go here to learn how you can increase your chances to win!

TC Dojo

While TC Camp is a couple of months away, get into the spirit of the Un-Conference with the Un-Websession at the TC Dojo! See what’s going on here.dojo-empty-mini

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