TC Camp Gazette #11: Lessons from Trailblazers

Featured this week: Lessons from Trailblazers

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TC Camp News!

TC Camp NewsLife lessons on the road to DITA

Stretching from beyond the border of the US and Canada, all the way south to the border of the US and Mexico is this little ribbon of land known as the Pacific Coast Trail.

Pacific Coast Trail

I cannot even begin to imagine the experiences the first pioneering adventures endured to document this 2,600 mile journey. How many hazards had they come across? How many wrong turns and dead ends to find the best way through? With a little (or maybe a lot) of tenacity, they pushed through, documenting along the way. Today, it is one of the most popular and well-documented trails that cuts through remote back country areas.

It’s the same thing with any Topic Based Authoring adventure. 

There are many twists and turns along the way. So why not make things easier for yourself and learn from those who have blazed that trail for you?

That is what the Structured Authoring Workshop is all about. Hosted by DCL, TC Camp 2014 Rangers, the folks at VmWare and F5 are here to share their life lessons. Their trials, tragedies, and victories along the way. They blazed the trail and can help you make your journey much easier.

Getting the most out of camp

TC Camp UnconferenceSpending the day at camp is much more enjoyable when you bring a friend to share it with. So, invite your friends and co-workers! Don’t forget to social share when you register for camp!

Packing for camp

packing for campWhat do you need to bring with you to get the most out of your day? One of the biggest camp benefits (both personal and professional) is the ability to meet new people.It’s true that your knowledge in Technical Communication can be strengthened by those you associate with. Get involved early and join the social media groups. And, when you come to camp, be prepared to share your contact information with others so you can stay connected long after your day at camp.

Camp extras

camp extrasEnter to win your very own Smores maker! There is no other gooey chocolaty delicious treat like the Smores you make at camp! You could win your very own Smores maker to take home and enjoy these decadent treats at home. How do you enter? Go here to learn how you can increase your chances to win!

TC Dojo

While TC Camp is a couple of months away, get into the spirit of the Un-Conference with the Un-Websession at the TC Dojo! See what’s going on here.dojo-empty-mini[

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