Content Quality Workshop – TC Camp 2014

As Featured in TC Camp Gazette!Creating Better Business Documents

All writing, technical or not, is about creating smart, structured content. This course focuses on what writers of business documents need to do differently to get their jobs done quickly and efficiently while still creating valid XML. We’ll cover how to improve authoring efficiency, publishing efficiency, reusability, and the experience of your information consumers through simple steps you can apply immediately.

Presenter: Doug Gorman (SimplyXML)

Time: 8:45 AM to 10:45 AM

About our presenter

Doug GormanDoug Gorman brings years of relevant information industry experience to Simply XML and its customers. Throughout his career, Doug has found that honesty, hard work, and good communication lead to financial rewards and satisfaction for all who are involved. Simply XML’s philosophy underlies our services offering because it works.

Doug was CEO of Information Mapping, Inc. for more than 20 years.  During that time he transitioned IMI from an academic “Think Tank” to a thriving commercial organization doing business in 40 countries. Information Mapping has been the global leader in the implementation of structured writing. With the more recent acceptance of other structured writing standards like DITA and SPL, Doug understands the opportunities and issues inherent in this evolution.[/gc]

Thanks to SimplyXML for sponsoring this class at TC Camp 2014!