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Featured this week: Scott Abel!

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Feature: Scott Abel will moderating the General Session at TC Camp!

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Our cub reporter came in with an hot-breaking story:

TC Camp NewsScott Abel, The Content Wrangler, will be joining us at TC Camp!

We are so excited at TC Camp HQ! Scott Abel, the Content Wrangler will be joining us and hosting our Expert Panel discussion.
Scott is a content management strategist and social media choreographer. As the Founder and CEO of The Content Wrangler, he is always on the go. Between consulting companies, training organizations, speaking internationally at conferences, and even hosting his own conference, finding time to catch up with Scott requires a high level of stamina. With persistence we were finally able to carve out a few moments as he was preparing for yet another flight.

We are thrilled that he will be able to join us at our first annual TC Camp Unconference, especially considering that his own Intelligent Content Conference is just around the corner, on February 7th and 8th. Scott will be our moderator for the expert panel and you want to make sure you don’t miss it.

In addition to the lively expert panel discussion, Scott will be sharing some very interesting findings from his recent client survey. He polled over 500 enterprise classed companies and received over 1000 responses. I’m not going to give away the juicy details–you’ll have to show up for that. I can tell you that Scott will be sharing the top answers to these timely questions:

  • What is your biggest content challenge?
  • What are your plans for innovation in the future?

Why the Unconference?

With everything Scott has going on right now, I was curious to know why he felt it so important to find time to attend and participate in the TC Camp Unconference. His answered, “I have no idea!”. Considering he is an avid hiker and loves the outdoors, perhaps he was attracted to the words “content”, “camp”, and “unconference” strung together. He attended another unconference years ago that was literally held at a campground with the meetings held in tent cabins. From what I understand, it was a little “wild west” and covered everything from basket weaving to advanced physics!

Scott AbleAbout Scott Abel

Scott calls San Francisco home and while he truly does enjoy his career, he is serious about his walking! In fact one of the events he always plans for his conferences is a guided hike. This year it is a tour over the Golden Gate Bridge and through Muir woods. I am told there are still a couple of spaces open if you wish to attend the Intelligent Content Conference but you might want to hurry as space is filling up fast.

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