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TC Camp NewsAn interview with: Sharon Burton

I recently had the chance to chat with Sharon about her workshop session for the TC Camp. I found her excitement and enthusiasm for her work energizing. “I was at a conference recently,” she said, “and while there, I was able to sit in on several presentations. On the surface they looked distinctly different and they were all given by professionals from very different disciplines but what struck me was the fact that they were all driving to a similar goal – to meet the information needs of the end users. “

For those who have dedicated their career to Tech Comm the topic of content for the end user is really nothing new, but what Sharon was witnessing were professionals who did not come from the Tech Comm field starting to talk about what we do every day. This drove her to ask the question “What if we are all doing the same thing? And if we are all talking about the same thing, how does that impact me in the Tech Comm field? “ So if we are all talking about the same thing and driving to the same objective, imagine what we can do when we tear down the silo walls that separate us.

Why the TC Camp Un-Conference? “I love teaching! Teaching anyone and anywhere they will listen. I would grab folks in the parking lot and teach them if I could get away with it.” The best part about teaching for Sharon is in the learning. The interaction of people in a learning environment is like food to her.

She also said, “I have never been to an Un-conference before and I agreed to this one because of what I had heard about it. I like being in a room full of people who are excited about the topic at hand. I always learn from what people are talking about. I am really excited about the whole thing.”

What can attendees expect to gain from attending your class? ““Our filed is changing and doing so rapidly. It is undergoing some of the most significant changes in our lifetime. Understanding our role in the new world of content is imperative.”

After talking with Sharon, my mind was reeling with the thought of endless possibilities and how Tech Comm professionals can have a tremendous impact in so many departments of a company. If you want to be a game changer in your organization, then don’t miss Sharon or her class, “What if we’re all doing the same thing?” at the TC Camp in January!

Sharon BurtonSharon Burton and her husband David share a home with Gus – their Australian Shepard who has learned to wiggle his butt on command. She and her husband lead an incredibly blissfully boring life and when she is not teaching Gus new tricks, she enjoys gardening and knitting. She can knit just about anything!

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#1 recommendation from the camp counselors? Bring your Gear

Whether it’s a portable or just a pencil and paper, make sure you bring the gear that suits your learning style best. We’ll have food and drinks ready for you before class. We know they start early!

Bring your gearPrep Steps: What are you bringing with you?

This week’s #1 recommendation from the camp counselors is to volunteer to be a session scribe.

Unconference sessions are discussions not presentations. Discussions are interactive, dynamic, and a product of the people in it. To address this unique situation, unconference sessions always have a scribe who volunteers to take notes and report on the session at the end of the day. This way, we can all learn from every session–even the ones we didn’t get to attend–because the scribe helps to capture the essence of the discussion. Scribes have a very special place in the unconference format and anyone who volunteers to be one qualifies for a special merit badge.

Mystery SpotMystery Spot

Come to camp, earn a merit badge! TC Camp attendees are rewarded for the roles they assume in camp participation. Every good camp has merit badges that show mastery, expertise, community achievement, and volunteerism. Values that the entire community values and celebrates.

An unconference has several opportunities for individuals to contribute and earn merit badges. If you’ve been keeping up with the newsletter, you already know that there are several roles that attendees fill to make the event a success:

  • Discussion Leader (Facilitator)
  • Discussion Reporter (Scribe)
  • Attendee (I came!)

That’s three badges that everyone attending can earn in 2013. What other badges can you earn? Watch this spot!

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This week’s question:

Before Mt. Everest was discovered, what was the highest mountain in the world?

Last week’s answer: Johnny.

Email your guess to for a chance to win a special merit badge! Each correct answer from eligilble entrants will result in one entry in the drawing. Drawing will be held at TC Camp during the general session. Winners must be present during the drawing at the camp to win. Eligible contestants must be fans of the TC Camp Facebook page, TC Camp LinkedIn page, and be subscribers to this newsletter at time of submission. Entries for today’s question close at midnight 1/7/2013.

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