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TC Camp NewsAn interview with: Scott Prentice, Leximation

Scott was once told he could not work remotely so he decided to quit his cozy corporate job and launch his own company. He doesn’t believe you should have to compromise quality and control in any aspect. Same rule applies to your publications. “Often times you are told that in order to experience the benefits of DITA you have to compromise on your publications.”

Scott saw things differently. This is why he developed the DITA-FMx FrameMaker plugin in, so that people can still maintain control and quality in their PDF publications and even automate the manual steps along the way.

Nine years later, his company, Leximation, is still going strong and the software he developed, FMx, is growing in popularity. While he and his wife originally planned to relocate to Boston so she could be close to her family, they are still here in the Bay Area, but one day…

Why the TC Camp Un-Conference? When he was approached to possibly teach a session for the first annual TC Camp, he didn’t hesitate. “I am happy to yammer on if someone is willing to listen!” he said. “Seriously though, from a practical perspective, It’s about helping people get their job done easier and better and not about feeding people the corporate line.”

The TC Camp is about rolling up our sleeves and diving in, being real. “Some of the best meetings are when you are sitting around a table and just go. They turn out to be some of the most interesting conversations and learning opportunities.” Scott has never been to an Un-Conference before but believes strongly in the power of the social community helping others learn.

What can attendees expect to gain from attending your class? “The main thing is that making PDF’s from DITA is not as hard as you have been told or may think. You don’t have to compromise on your PDF’s, you don’t have to resolve yourself for ‘OK this is good enough’. You don’t have to settle for that. You can use expertise you have and put it to use to create PDF’s the way you want them. Don’t throw out all the expertise and the tools just because you changed the source format.”

Since Scott is an avid hiker, he can also teach you survival skills in the forest and mountain areas of Northern California.

Find out more by joining his class in January, “PDFs from DITA without Compromising Quality and Control”. Trust me you won’t regret it!

Scott PrenticeAbout Scott Prentice

Running a very busy company and organizing the local DITA user group keeps Scott on the go. So how does he keep balance in his busy life? He loves to camp and hike. While he doesn’t always have time to camp as often as he likes, once a year he and a group of friends make an annual pilgrimage to Yosemite. Last year’s adventure was hiking Mt Dana. Scott said “It’s a big pile of rocks.” I think that is an understatement.

Improve your survival skillsSurvival Skills: Improve your skills through a workshop

This week’s #1 recommendation from the camp counselors? Bring a friend

Want to get the most out of the workshop? Bring a friend or co-worker with you. Someone who understands what your goal is and with whom you collaborate well. Double up your learning capacity and team up on your questions to get the most from the instructor and the information being presented. Two heads are always better than one!

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Bring your gearPrep Steps: What are you bringing with you?

This week’s #1 recommendation from the camp counselors is to bring business cards.

Networking is a critical component of an unconference. Bring your business cards so you can connect with other attendees, sponsors, and workshop instructors. Connect with those people who are facing the same issues you are and those who have already tackled them. Make sure you’re ready to exchange contact information by bringing your business cards with you!

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