TC Camp Gazette #2: Rebekka Andersen

TC Camp Gazette

TC Camp NewsAn interview with: Rebekka Andersen, UC Davis

I first met Rebekka in one of the most interesting coffee shops near the UC Davis campus. I find her passion for the world of technical communication to be very infectious. The area that interests her the most is collaboration. “What I find fascinating is that the success or failure of adoption of content management is far more than implementing a technology. The real barriers are social or cultural.” She went on to point out that “the inhibitors and facilitators are supported by the culture of the organization.”

“Positive collaboration is essential in the global workplace. And with the future of communications becoming more distributed and integrated, it is imperative that you understand what is going on in the organization”, she continued.

Why the TC Camp Un-Conference? “I love the idea of positive intense interaction all day. It’s refreshing compared to most conferences where people talk at you and show endless PowerPoint slides.”

What can attendees expect to gain from attending your class? “Concrete solutions to help overcome barriers. From a high level, we will take a look at barriers and solutions that apply to everyone, no matter what their company culture is. I plan on running a very energized session with a lot of interaction. We will be discussing and developing action plans and collaboration maps. I’m very excited about this session!”

Her enthusiasm and passion will catch a fire in you, I’m sure. She plans on keeping it fun and motivating attendees by giving away prizes and having some fun contests. What a perfect way to start your day at camp!! Sign up for Rebekka’s class, Collaboration Strategies and Tools for Success”, before it fills up!

Rebekka AndersenAbout Rebekka Andersen

Rebekka shares a home in Davis with her husband Ken and their 3 year old Daughter, Summer. A very vibrant child who recently announced she wants a pet. “Is a fish a pet? I’m thinking of starting out small.”


Improve your survival skillsSurvival Skills: Improve your skills through a workshop

#1 recommendation from the camp counselors? Bring a short description of your project to your workshop.

The Un-Conference workshops are a learning opportunity unlike any other. The workshops run for 2-hours, which makes them more than a presentation and not quite a training class. This extra time gives the students a chance to get the instructors’ expert advice on how best to apply what you just learned to your specific business goals. Classes are small and intimate. Together, you can all collaborate to apply your learning and decide on a plan of attack. If you want to maximize your benefit, sign up today for one of the morning sessions before they are all filled up!

“The best classes I have ever taught are learned by the tribe – when others collaborate”–Michael Hahn

Bring your gearPrep Steps: What are you bringing with you?

This week’s #1 recommendation from the camp counselors is to bring an idea.

At an Unconference, the agenda and topics for discussion are decided by the attendees. This means that you need to bring your ideas with you.  Although you’ll see suggestions for sessions, the agenda gets created at the event itself. There are lots of kinds of sessions:

  • Short formal presentaiton to kick off an interactive discussion
  • Group Discussion
  • “My Big (or Little) Question” – something you think others can help you answer
  • Show and tell – a project, demo, or idea to let people play with and serve as a springboard for conversation
  • Learn how to do… (these are the monring workshops)

If there are topics you are really interested in that don’t appear on the agenda at first, you need to put them on there!

Mystery SpotMystery Spot

I think I see something…

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From the Cat HoleFrom the cat hole: Brain teasers, oddities, and fun stuff

This week’s question:

A farmer has five haystacks in one field and four haystacks in another. How many haystacks would he have if he combined them all in one field?

Last week’s answer: “Incorrectly”, of course.

Email your guess to for a chance to win a special merit badge! Each correct answer from eligilble entrants will result in one entry in the drawing. Drawing will be held at TC Camp during the general session. Winners must be present during the drawing at the camp to win. Eligible contestants must be fans of the TC Camp Facebook page, TC Camp LinkedIn page, and be subscribers to this newsletter at time of submission. Entries for today’s question close at midnight 12/2/2012.

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