XML 15 Years Later — WTF? (Workshop)

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Technical communications encompasses creating content, managing content, and presenting content…these days, that probably means using XML-based standards and tools. The technologies are powerful, but sometimes users find themselves unnecessarily frustrated and confused by software misadventures and ten-thousand-foot views of six-inch problems.

This class provides questions and answers based on twenty years’ experience in standards-based creation, management, and presentation of content and markup. Discussions will center around common problems, tool interactions, and consistent markup application and interpretation.

Crowd-sourced problems and solutions are welcome and encouraged!

Presenter: Michael Hahn

Back when dinosaurs ruled the earth and he was in junior high, Michael Hahn recited “The Duck”, by Ogden Nash, for an English assignment.

Many years later this skill came in handy to explain SGML and XML to introductory classes, his employers, and his mother. Michael is a central Illinois native living in Wichita, Kansas with his very patient wife, two cats, and a big, slobbering Labrador Retriever.



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  1. I am so excited you will be here! I always love your practical approach to things and your ability to make simple the most complicated!

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