Measured Prose: Analytics for Your Content Performance

Unfortunately, this class was cancelled for the 2013 TC Camp.

As Featured in TC Camp Gazette!You’ve probably heard that Google Analytics “lets you measure sales and conversions,” but what does that have to do with documentation?

In this workshop, I’ll start with some Analytics basics to help you focus on the reports and metrics that really matter to documentation. You’ll learn about those key parts of Analytics that can actually help content creators learn about the performance of their content. You’ll have some data you can put together and show to your stakeholders–either as a definitive sign of good performance, or as a compelling reason to decrease effort on a particular document.

After that, we’ll look at some newer features in Analytics that are great for helping you create a useful story for your documentation performance: Search Engine Optimization, Visitor Flow, and Social. This will take us into the realm of making sure that your content is SEO ready, your navigation is logical, and you are connecting with your audience through social media. I’ll have a nifty site to show you–with some real data–but I’d like to have you bring your site and your questions to the workshop so we can explore them as a group. Ideally, I’d love it if you have access to an Analytics account and are willing to show data to the class, since the devil is always in the details.


Patricia BoswellPatricia Boswell, Product Educator, Google, Inc.

Patricia Boswell has written for web-based technology ever since teaching university students how to write essays with Emacs back in 1993. She has done front-end web development and technical writing for the web industry since 1994 and has worked at Google since 2004.

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