Transportation and Lodging

Because TC Camp is all about networking and sharing, why not start with the drive? If you’re interested in carpooling (either driving or riding), we’ve set up an account at where you can register:

If you’re coming from some distance, you’ll probably want to arrive on Thursday or Friday evening (depending on if you’re attending API Day on Jan 20) and drive back on Sunday, so that would need to be coordinated with the drivers and riders. It might also make sense for all people in one car to stay at the same hotel, so you can drive to/from the camp venue together as well.

If you’re flying in, there are three major airports nearby:

  • Mineta San JosĂ© International (SJC), 5 miles
  • San Francisco International (SFO), 30 miles
  • Oakland International (OAK), 35 miles


Google Maps shows 6 hotels near the Mission College campus (driving distances and prices per Google):


Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re having trouble finding a ride or have questions about transportation or lodging.

* DISCLAIMER: The inclusion of these hotels is not an endorsement of any kind. Just passing on information found on Google Maps. We do not know what any of these locations are like, and cannot make recommendations based on personal experience. Please use your usual good sense when reserving a hotel room.