TC Dojo

If you just can’t wait for the next TC Camp!

What is TC Dojo?

We took what we learned from the popular Arbortext Monster Garage virtual meeting series and the overwhelming requests we received from the first annual TC Camp held in Santa Clara in January 2013 and blended them together. The result — a new twist on the typical web session.

TC Dojo is a virtual meeting place for the Technical Communications professional. Whether you are just starting out in the field or you are a well-seasoned expert, everyone can gain valuable learning at the TC Dojo

Why call it a Dojo?

dojo (道場 dōjō?) is a Japanese term which literally means “place of the way“. Typically, it is the place for learning and practicing a martial art form. We decided to borrow this theme and apply it to the practice and learning for the art of Technical Communication.

How does it work?

There are two TC Camp-inspired ways to learn at the Dojo: Open Sessions and Master Series.

TC Dojo Open Sessions

Free General Audience Sessions
For students at every level.

In this Dojo, we cover a wide range of topics appropriate for a wide range of practitioners from the beginner to the advanced. Open Session Topics will be selected by the attendees and can cover anything of concern to Technical Communications professionals such as architectural design, analysis or tools. The sessions run for only 30 minutes and meet once a month.

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TC Dojo Open Session
TC Dojo Open Sessions

TC Dojo Master Series

How much time, effort and money is it costing you to keep struggling to learn how to implement, grow, and transform your content by yourself?

These member only sessions meet once a month. The focus in the master session is to delve deeper into solving complex issues in real time amongst a small group of peers.

Sessions run 45 minutes once a month. The forum is open discussion with a moderator and a scribe. There is a fee to join the Master Series.

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TC Dojo Master Series
TC Dojo Master Series

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