30 NOVEMBER 2015


Unconference Tickets – Unconference tickets do not include a lunch ticket or a workshop ticket. Unconference tickets provide entrance to the afternoon events starting at 11 AM.

Workshop Tickets – Workshop tickets include a ticket to the afternoon unconference. You can only attend one workshop because they all run simultaneously. Workshop tickets do not include lunch.

Lunch Tickets – Ticket for lunch only. Lunch tickets do not include unconference or workshop tickets. Nothing else is included in this ticket. You can add Lunch when you register or buy a lunch ticket on the day of the event.

Share Tickets – Keep the unconference free! Share my contact information with the sponsors so they keep coming back and TC Camp keeps happening! Right now, the sponsors foot the bill for facilities, food, and camp operations. By sharing your information, you keep sponsors interested and coming back. TC Camp happens thanks to their generosity. If you choose this ticket type, your information will be shared and you will show your support to keeping TC Camp low cost and free. You can unsubscribe from their mailing lists at any time.

Don’t Share Tickets – Choose this option if you want assume the cost for us to remove your contact information from the list shared with sponsors and to run TC Camp. We provide this option if you want to withhold your information with the sponsors but still attend camp. If you choose this option, your information will not be shared.