Workshop: Content Strategy for Technical Communication – TC Summer Camp 2016

Content strategy means planning to use information to advance your organization’s goals. Your organization should have an enterprise content strategy that covers all customer-facing content, both persuasive (such as marketing content) and informational (such as technical content). For marketing content, an enterprise content strategy means creating information that supports the organization’s communication strategy and aligns the voice and tone of content with the corporate branding across all channels. For technical content, it means identifying business goals and setting up a content development and delivery system that supports them. In this workshop, we’ll talk about how to develop a content strategy for technical communication that aligns with the needs of marketing and other types of content across your organization.


Gretyl Kinsey is a technical consultant with Scriptorium Publishing with expertise in digital media production, an interest in changing tools and technologies, and a passion for learning. Gretyl graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill with a BA from the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, where she specialized in multimedia production. Outside of work, she enjoys writing and performing music, drawing comics, cosplaying, swimming, and trying out dessert recipes.

Twitter: @gretylkinsey

TC Camp, Inc. Completes 501(c)(3) Approval Process


TC Camp, Inc. Completes 501(c)(3) Approval Process

Sunnyvale, CA, June 1, 2015 – The TC Camp, Inc. board of directors is pleased to announce that our application for 501(c)(3) nonprofit status has been approved by the IRS. This completes the process of moving TC Camp out from under the Single-Sourcing Solutions umbrella. We can now focus on bringing TC Camp to technical communication communities everywhere.

For the past three years, the TC Camp “unconference” has been available to technical communication professionals in the San Francisco bay area. As an independent entity and a nonprofit, we can now explore the possibilities for offering a similar experience to techcomm professionals in other communities.

TC Camp is run by the board members and community volunteers. What makes TC Camp unique, is its accessibility and value. This educational event is free to attendees and is held on a Saturday, making it available to individuals at all levels of the profession. As an unconference, a significant portion of the day’s agenda is defined by the attendees on the day of the event. This ensures that the discussion topics are very likely to be of personal interest.

In addition to offering significant value for attendees, we also focus on providing value for our sponsors (without whom this event would not be possible). TC Camp is all about interactive involvement, so our sponsors don’t just sit in their booths waiting for people to stop by; they are encouraged to be engaged with the attendees by actively joining in on unconference topic conversations as well as providing informative entertainment through skits and commercials.

If you’d like to provide financial support for TC Camp, we accept donations in any amount via our website at For sponsorship opportunities or to volunteer, contact us at To keep up on the latest breaking information, follow us on Twitter @tccamp411. Videos of past events as well as interviews with sponsors and attendees is available at


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Adobe Workshop – TC Camp 2015

Notes Posted!

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Beyond Paper: Publishing enriched content to online formats via Adobe Tech Comm Suite 5

So, now you’re expected to publish to mobile devices, tablets and websites, as well as to PDF. Do you have to go to night school to pick up new skills as a videographer? Adobe Tech Comm Suite to the rescue! Discover how FrameMaker empowers you to maintain one set of source files (“traditional” or XML and DITA) and publish content with interactive 3D diagrams to “intelligent” PDF. Use a single click to publish ditamap or FrameMaker books to up to 5 online formats, simultaneously. (You can do this much without Tech Comm Suite.)

Need video? Quizzes? Interactive eLearning modules? Find out how you can master Adobe Captivate in just a few hours to create compelling video. Benefits summarized in this workshop include how to reduce some of your written content through brief, targeted videos. Hands on will be optional, and sample files used in the workshop will be available on USB sticks. Come join us and learn how quickly you can become a “video star.”

Presenter: Maxwell Hoffmann, Adobe Systems

Time: 8:30 AM to 10:30 AM

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About our presenter

Maxwell HoffmanMaxwell Hoffmann is Adobe’s Global Product Evangelist for Technical Communications and a former product manager for FrameMaker at Frame Technology. Hoffmann spent nearly 15 years in the translation industry, where he managed or published over 1,000,000 pages of multilingual content in thousands of projects. He has managed projects in DITA, XML as well as authoring tools ranging from Word, InDesign, Quark Express to structured FrameMaker. Hoffmann is based in a virtual Adobe office near Portland, Oregon and has presented face-to-face, hands-on training to over 1,200 people in scalable authoring solutions over several years.

Notes from the Scribe

Scribe: Patrick Harvey


Started with an overview of FrameMaker and whats’ new in V.12

Very quick. Demonstrated some advanced features like conversion to PDF and responsive HTML including video and 3D graphics

Added QR codes

Demonstrated structured FrameMaker with it’s Structured View

Demonstrated use of variables, styles on graphic objects


Thanks to Adobe Systems for sponsoring this FREE class at TC Camp 2015!

Adobe Systems