Ambassador Workshop – TC Camp 2017

Making the Trek from Microsoft Word to Adobe FrameMaker

Have you ever wondered how to incorporate content that other people created in Microsoft Word into your content in FrameMaker? What about moving from a Word environment over into FrameMaker as a new user? In this session, Dustin Vaughn, Solutions Consulting Manager with Adobe, will show you how easy it is to take your documentation to the next level – including XML! Dustin will also be available to answer questions and make suggestions to improve your documentation process.

When: 21 January 2016, 8:30 am – 10:30 am



Presenter: Dustin Vaughn, Solutions Consulting Manager, Adobe

DustinVaughnDustin is the Solutions Consulting Manager for the Technical Communication group at Adobe. He JUST moved to Florida this week from Texas, and enjoys taking his four sons to watch donkey basketball (It’s a real thing – check YouTube!). On the business side of things, he manages a team of experts in Adobe’s Technical Communication and eLearning products. Dustin has served as a panelist, speaker, and Adobe representative at various industry conferences. He designs, develops, and hosts technical, solution-oriented demonstrations for strategic global customers. He was also the solution designer and presenter for a cross-organizational and multi-product project designed for a key US Government client.

Microlearning Workshop – TC Camp 2017

Rethinking How We Adapt Microlearning for Technical Communication

In this workshop, you will learn about the microlearning methods TechSmith has adapted and how training and documentation teams use them to make creative, concentrated instructional videos. You’ll learn about the tools you need to create microlearning videos and how to choose a pilot project. This session will focus on the actual how-to of editing your content at a granular level, customizing it for your exact purposes, and managing its delivery. Continue reading “Microlearning Workshop – TC Camp 2017”

GIT Workshop – TC Camp 2017

Git for Technical Writers—Dropping the Bucket

Traditional source control systems use the “bucket” as a metaphor—you check out a “bucket” of content that’s all yours until you check it in. Git, however, is a distributed system, and isn’t content management so much as change management, so it behaves differently than we expect. This workshop provides a mental model to replace the bucket and provides “safety first” procedures to help you stay out of Git Jail. If you’ve looked at Git Basics and felt confused, or if you struggle with Git surprises, this workshop is for you. No experience necessary. Continue reading “GIT Workshop – TC Camp 2017”