Highlights – TC Camp 2018

The TC Camp Day

Keynote Presentation

Download the slides. PDF.

Video Competition

Two sponsors submitted videos to the TC Camp Bowl 2018. The creativity this year was so high that we had a much closer race than we have ever seen before. In fact, we had one write-in vote for “Simply XMetaL.”

XMetaL (First Place)

This was live. We are waiting on finished video… but for now, here are the annotated slides.

SimplyXML (Second Place)

Write-ups by Attendees

TC Camp was great this year (2018). It’s one of my favorite tech comm events, Liz (@lizfraley), Scott (@saprentice), and their crew do a great job every year. The subject matter is always topical, but still applicable, and the agenda favors conversation over lecture.
~ Patrick Bosek, easyDITA blog (January 2018)

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Photos from TC Camp 2018

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