Adobe Workshop – TC Summer Camp 2017

Creating and Managing Content Across the Organization

Marketing, Engineering, and Technical Publications teams often develop content in different tools and store content in separate content management systems, which makes it difficult to share content and deliver a unified and consistent customer experience. Join Dustin Vaughn, Solutions Consulting Manager with Adobe, as he demonstrates a holistic approach to content and how it addresses many of the time-consuming and error prone aspects of content creation.

Session Details

Where: TC Summer Camp 2017

When: Saturday 9 September 2017

Workshop leader

Dustin Vaughn, Solutions Consulting Manager, Adobe

DustinVaughnDustin Vaughn is the Solutions Consulting Manager for the Technical Communication group at Adobe. He moved to Florida from Texas (days before he came to his first TC Camp), and enjoys taking his four sons to watch donkey basketball (It’s a real thing – check YouTube!). On the business side of things, he manages a team of experts in Adobe’s Technical Communication and eLearning products. Dustin has served as a panelist, speaker, and Adobe representative at various industry conferences. He designs, develops, and hosts technical, solution-oriented demonstrations for strategic global customers. He was also the solution designer and presenter for a cross-organizational and multi-product project designed for a key US Government client.

Session Notes

Scribe: Chris Niestepski

Top Takeaways:

  • Part of an Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) demo


  • AEM is a web-based CMS (content management system/solution) geared toward building and deploying websites, mobile apps, and forms
  • Also addresses several long poles in TC tent: different authoring and graphics tools in different departments, collaborative review, translation, publishing to different platforms, file sharing, and version control
  • Although has deep integration with FrameMaker, does not require any particular authoring tool
  • XML Documentation Add-On includes a web-based DITA editor
  • Linked to multiple translation vendors (, Linktext, MS Translator, Smartlink, etc.)
  • DITA mapper
  • List of files, file type, language, version, sync/update status
  • Example of filter use: select only DITA files marked out-of-sync and run update
  • Topic Summary section
  • Shows status at a glance: not started, in draft, ready for review, broken links, etc.
  • Baselines section
  • Similarly, shows file, type, version, date, whether or not file is the latest or is being worked on
  • Can keep old versions to reproduce a previous doc version in entirety (good for audits, legal)
  • Document assembly by drag-and-drop of text and image components onto placeholder boxes