Content Strategy Workshop – TC Summer Camp 2016

Content strategy means planning to use information to advance your organization’s goals. Your organization should have an enterprise content strategy that covers all customer-facing content, both persuasive (such as marketing content) and informational (such as technical content). For marketing content, an enterprise content strategy means creating information that supports the organization’s communication strategy and aligns the voice and tone of content with the corporate branding across all channels. For technical content, it means identifying business goals and setting up a content development and delivery system that supports them. In this workshop, we’ll talk about how to develop a content strategy for technical communication that aligns with the needs of marketing and other types of content across your organization.


Gretyl Kinsey is a technical consultant with Scriptorium Publishing with expertise in digital media production, an interest in changing tools and technologies, and a passion for learning. Gretyl graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill with a BA from the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, where she specialized in multimedia production. Outside of work, she enjoys writing and performing music, drawing comics, cosplaying, swimming, and trying out dessert recipes.

Twitter: @gretylkinsey