UI/UX Workshop – TC Camp 2016


User Experience (UX)/User Interface (UI) Design for Technical Communicators

UX Writing: What does it take? See your words up on the big screen! (Or tiny screen.) With UX writing, you craft the onscreen words that make users take action. Headings, tasks, buttons, labels, links, and more—all require top-notch copy to be effective. See how UX writers in Intuit’s Small Business Group apply UX writing to financial apps. If you’re a writer, you already have the skills to do UX writing. Learn what you need to get started.

Presenters: Beth Chargin, Jeffrey Maramba, and Gwen McLean, Intuit

When: 23 January 2016, 8:30 am – 10:30 am

About our presenters

Beth Chargin, Jeffrey Maramba, and Gwen McLeanBeth Chargin is a UX writer for the QuickBooks family at Intuit. Her favorite punctuation mark is the semi-colon. She is thrilled that her personality matches Violet, Dowager Countess of Grantham in the Downton Abbey personality quiz.

Jeffrey Maramba is a UX writer in the Small Business Group at Intuit. He gets cranky when asked to write something on the spot, but he can usually be bribed with dark chocolate.

Gwen McLean is a UX writer for the Small Business Group at Intuit. She’s loved the nuance of language ever since she was 8, when her mother told her there was a difference between being “nice” and being “kind.” Her favorite Instagram account is The Dogist.