TC Camp Gazette #10: Jean Kaplansky

Featured this week: Jean Kaplansky!

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Feature: Interview with Jean Kaplansky
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TC Camp News

An interview with: Jean Kaplansky, Aptara Corp

TC Camp News“What Do I Spy With My Little Eye? Why, It’s HTML5”

I truly enjoy talking with Jean. I’ve known her for at least a couple of years now and I always find her wildly entertaining to talk with. She has a wry wit and a sharp mind, a truly lovely combination. The only challenge is that I can talk to her for long conversations and still have lots more to talk with her about! In fact, I had to do three takes on this conversation just to write this article!

“We are at our tipping point. HTML5 is ready now to meet the needs of the current and future content needs.” Jean went on to say “One of the things I’m starting to hear people say is ‘Why do we need to go to XML to get toHTML5?’ ”

How does she plan on setting up this energized learning session? Travel log of course! She will be taking you on a virtual tour to look at the very practical ways HTML5 is being used right now. “I want the attendees to have the opportunity to learn where and how HTML5 is being used markets other than Tech Comm (publishing, eLearning, corporate content assets and websites). Tech Comm taught the rest of the world about using markup and content strategy. Now it’s time to see what some imagination outside of Tech Comm is already doing with HTML5.”
“Fonts, layout, typography… support is all there right now. Of course, there are corner cases and far flung outlying situations that are still undetermined, but that should not hold you back from moving forward.”

Why the TC Camp Un-Conference? “I haven’t been to an UnConference before but I really liked what I had heard about it.” Jean went on the say, “I’ve been to lots of conferences. I’ve presented and have been presented to numerous times. But the biggest value of learning for me has always been in the hallway discussions and after hours gatherings. Then everyone and no one is an expert – we are all sharing and learning together.”

What can attendees expect to gain from attending your class? Imagination! You may walk in the door without crystal clarity of how HTML5 relates to the tech comm. world. You need to use your imagination to see how other communities adopted HTML5 in order to see what the new stuff brings to tech comm. And while you’re imagining how you can use HTML5, I’ll endeavor to impart a clear understanding of what it HTML5 really is, why you should care, what you can do with it, and where to find relevant examples in the wild. The techie part? I have a feeling campers are already gonna’ know how to mark up content… Session content and case studies are intended to plant a few seeds in campers’ imaginations for future examination in context of their own content creation and delivery missions. What can you do now that will revolutionize your content delivery for end users?

Find out by joining her class in January, “What Do I Spy With My Little Eye? Why, It’s HTML5”. Trust me you won’t regret it!

About Jean Kaplansky

Jean and her rockin’ guitarist husband share a home with their menagerie of cats and dogs. I believe last count was 3 dogs and 4 cats – still one husband. And yes, of course, every one of them has very distinct personalities, from the office supply hording dog Roscoe P MiniMutt, to her iPad surfing cat named Franny. Yes she has a cat who uses the iPad. I do not know if Franny can recognize HTML5 mark up but ….. (Actually, Franny’s pretty bad with markup. But Furrgus the Border Collie? He’s really good with data. He counts cat noses at least 3x daily.)

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