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Thanks to everyone who came to TC Camp last weekend

If you had a good experience at TC Camp, please tell others. If you didn’t, please tell us! 

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TC Camp is an Unconference focused on Technical Communications issues, skills, challenges, and the various applications used by technical communicators.

The purpose of TC Camp is to provide a local bay area conference for technical communicators that is driven by the members of that community–writers, editors, designers, and the people who support them.

See the agenda:


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An unconference is an event where users suggest topics, get together and discuss them in detail.

Why Camp?

(Q) Why use the term “Camp” to describe this unconference event?

(A) Originally, in 2005, O’Reilly Media had a Friends Of O’Reilly (Foo Camp) unconference event, where some people actually camped out that weekend.

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Camp Ambassador (Platinum Sponsor)

Adobe Systems

The future of TechComm is here! With increased globalization, digitization and mobile device penetration, the technical content we deliver has to be contextual and easily available. Adobe’s tools and services are focused on creating ground-breaking content, deploying it across devices, and achieving greater business success. Our award-winning software have set the standard for communication and collaboration for more than 25 years. And now that the future of TechComm is here, Adobe is here as your partners-in-success!

Scout Leader (Gold Sponsor)

SDL is the recognized leader in content technologies that enable organizations to deliver a consistent, interactive and personal content experience on any device, in any language, at any time. SDL’s technologies empower companies to efficiently manage the consumer expectations.

Camp Rangers (Silver Sponsors)

Antenna House


Camp Conservationists (Bronze Sponsors)

Design Science

Camp Counselors (Camp Organizers)

Single-Sourcing Solutions
Single-Sourcing Solutions specializes in everything related to dynamic product information creation, publication, and delivery.
Mission College
Mission College – Where Today’s Students Meet Tomorrow’s Opportunity
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